Greetings Associate and Professional Members! We are up to 333 here on the new Tarot Guild website, and growing! Yup, Angel Number 333 - is The Universe winking at us? Let's Welcome our New Members in February:

Darlene Johnson - El Remi - CathAngela - Pexa Rixelle - betty thurnescu - susan fukumoto - Julie Clapham - Mo Soltar - Willow Solstice - Alice Moonlight - Rachel Muscolino - alena desilva - Hanah Campos - Mathew Haraldsson - Kathleen Collins - Marcella Tice - Lea Clausing - Rona R. Lopez and Tamra Payton

Special shout-out to Alice Moonlight for joining the Professional Membership, taking our Tarot Course, and getting Certified as a Numerologist (CNu) and a Tarot Reader (CTR), as well as Enrolling in the Life Coaching Course! ....Congrats Alice!

 Perhaps you are wondering about my greeting, saying "Associate" and "Professional" Members. I didn't know I was an Associate Member? ...Well you are, just for joining the website free!

...We changed this in January, for 2021. Now when you click Sign Up and join the website, you are automatically an "Associate Member"!

To see all the Benefits, visit: TheTarotGuild.com/Join. Scroll down, and you will also see the additional Benefits of becoming a Professional Member of The Guild!

We change that as well in January. Originally called the "Premium Membership", we've changed the name to the "Professional Membership", and dropped the price to Just $3.33 per month (there's that Angel Numer 333 again!), which is billed annually as Just $39.99!

Some of the benefits include 40%-OFF Tarot Certification, all four Levels, as well as 50%-OFF my Tarot by The Numbers™, Tarot & Numerology Course

You will also receive your Tarot Guild Membership Certificate, access to the Private Professional Members Group, Reader Interviews, guest appearances on "Tarot Today Radio", a Listing on our Readers Directory, and a lot more...

NOTE: Anyone can join the Profesional Membership! You don't need to be a Professional Reader (yet) to Join and receive all of the Benefits!

In case you missed it, check out the FABulous 78-card The Somnia Tarot,  by photographer Nicolas Bruno - in our Articles section: https://thetarotguild.com/articles/somnia-tarot

.....As well as our recent "Psychic Spin" segment of our February 27th episode of "Tarot Today Radio", where we asked The Tarot: Will The Digital Age Bring About Globalization? https://thetarotguild.com/articles/psychicspin02272021

Our Next "Psychic Spin" segment will be on the March 27th broadcast. If you have any Big Questions you'd like us to ask The Tarot, visit our Psychic Spin Questions article for more information and how to submit! 

Also, not to be missed, are some awesome interviews of Tarot Guild Certified Tarot Masters, on our "Tarot Today Radio" broadcasts! Mary Brown and I interviewed John Alan, CTM in February and Corbie Mitleid, CTM in January:

Corbie Mitleid Interview

John Alan Interview

Catch other great Episodes in our Video Section and upcoming ones under our Events Section!

We also recommend that all of our Professional Readers take a Life Coaching Course. This is a great foundation for any practice actually!

Let's face it, we are all basically Life Coaches, but we just have additional "Tools", such as Numerology and Tarot, available for us to use with our clients!

You can take any course, but The Guild has been recommending The Fast Track Life Coaching Course, by my colleague Dr. Steve G. Jones, for over 11 years now!

Updated in 2020, hundreds, if not thousands, of our Members, radio listeners, and most all of our radio hosts, have taken this course over the years!

Dr. Jones' doctorate is in Education, so all of his courses are terrific! ....and an amazing Value!

While most Life Coaching courses cost 1000's of dollars, Steve's course is $675, which he discounts to $77 for Our Members! ....but, right now, the course is 95%-OFF for You!

Grab it now, while it's Just $39!

Visit: TheTarotGuild.com/Coach

As always, if you have any questions about your Membership, Certification, or anything else, or need help, just let me know! Feel free to Message me anytime through my Page!

Bright Blessings,

Dax Carlisle, DD, CTM, CCH



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  • Wow! Thank you! I'm so excited to be part of this group and I learned already a lot that is helping in my spiritual, personal, and professional growth! Thank you!!!

    • You are Welcome for the Shout-Out Alice! ......You deserve it! ....We're excited to have you as a Professional Member and all the work you have put in thus far!

      Here's to Your Success! ...Many Blessings!
      ~ Dax

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