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Dax Carlisle, CTM, CCH posted a video
On this Episode of: “Magic Universe with Sharonah!” ….Host Sharonah Rapseik welcomes her Special Guest: Sasha Graham and discusses Sasha’s new book: The Magic of Tarot! …Plus Open Lines and FREE Tarot Mini-Readings!
9 hours ago
Nancy Hart is now a member of The Tarot Guild
10 hours ago
Sharonah Rapseik published an article
The Fortune Teller & The Little White Dog by Sharonah Rapseik
December 7, 2021 - "I am a Fortune Teller"
There is a conversation that always surfaces when I meet people and tell them what I do. It revolves around the topic of why a "regular" woman…
17 hours ago
Mary Brown posted a video
A walk-thru and review of the In Dreams Oracle Deck by Boris Indrikov (US Games 2021) 
Dax Carlisle, CTM, CCH posted a video
On this Episode of “There’s a Rock for That!”, Host Mary Brown will be holding Open Lines and taking your calls for FREE Crystal Readings ALL Show long! ….Mary’s crystal guest this month is: Mangano Calcite!
Mary Brown posted a video

Sharonah Rapseik's review of the Phantasma Tarot by Paulina Fae.
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Mary Brown posted a video
A walk through of The Prophetic Tarot of the Bible by Giordano Berti, artwork by Severino Baraldi from Rinascimento Italian Style Art available through Etsy..

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