WOW! Powerful and Fun show with Tarot Master Corbie Mitleid, as our guest Co-Host! We discussed How can We, as Tarot Readers, Support the Massive Shift in the World? ....Listen Anytime "Tarot Today Radio":


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https://amzn.to/3kxhp3P This is a link to the Kindle ebook version of the Little White Book for the Prairie Tarot.
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UGH! ..........Monday again!   ...Back to work? ....or, perhaps, as the Five of Cups is suggesting, something didn't quite go your way and you are disappointed, or perhaps even disillusioned....
Remember the lesson from yesterday's Daily Reading; we…
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The message today, on this Sunday, September 19th, is simply to Choose to Be Happy!
It is a choice afterall. Our happiness is not dependant on other people or outside circumstances. It's a "State" we can choose to have, anytime we want! It could be…
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On this Episode of “Tarot Today Radio”, Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle are joined by Guest Co-Host: Tarot Master Corbie Mitleid, and discuss: How can We, as Tarot Readers, Support the Massive Shift in the World? …Plus  FREE Tarot Mini-Readings,…
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Great advice, Dax! Thank you ❤️😇
Maria G. Maas liked Dax Carlisle, CTM, CCH's article Those that fail to Plan, plan to Fail! ....The Tarot & Numerology for Saturday, September 18th, 2021

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