8433871061?profile=RESIZE_400xMary and I would like to know what YOU would like to know, from The Universe! ....Every month, on our "Tarot Today Radio" show, we hold a "Psychic Spin" segment, on the last episode of the month. In this segment, we explore current events, topics in the News, what is on everyone's mind, and so on...

...and the Big Questions - How does The Universe work? Is The Law of Attraction Real? Do Ghosts Exist?  Are Robots Going to Take Over? What About Santa and The Elves? ....( Hehehe - OK, some of them are just for Fun 😁 )

But unlike the Spin from the Talking Heads on the News, TV, Radio, YouTube, et-al, we have the advantage of being able to Ask The Tarot, Numerology, Oracle Cards, and more ...Thus put a Psychic Spin on it!

Let us know what Big Questions You have! ...What would you like to know about? No Question is too Big (or small). Now these are not questions about your personal Life. We will be having Open Lines and FREE Tarot Mini-Readings as well, for your personal questions. 

...But for the "Psychic Spin", what question(s) do you have that the rest of the listeners may be wondering about as well? ...or that would be of interest to a lot of us?

We will feature them on an upcoming "Psychic Spin" segment. Let us know if it's okay to use your name and give you credit for the Question, or if you want to remain anonymous. Contact Mary or I:

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Dax is the Founder & President of The Tarot Guild (Now in Our 17th Year!), and the creator of the Tarot by The Numbers™ Course! Over the past 30+ years, Dax has helped literally 10’s of thousands of Clients as a Tarot Advisor, Numerologist, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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