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Welcome to "The Guild"! ...The Tarot Guild has been the international organization for Tarot Lovers, Students, and Professional Readers since 2004!

We are now in Our 18th YEAR!! ....A couple of years ago, we replaced our 10-year-old "static" website, who's servers finally gave up the ghost.

The Guild's new site is the World's ONLY full-featured Tarot social-media-networking community platform, like those other "Big Name" Social Media ones out there, but here it's ALL Tarot ALL the Time! ...and with out the negative "stuff". 

...Plus, we're "just getting started"! ...As a charter member, of our new website, this is your opportunity to help steer the course of this new Tarot social-media platform, and make suggestions.

Give us your ideas to make the community great for all Tarot Lovers! Help us grow, by inviting your Tarot friends, adding your own content, and by getting involved!

Here are some of the things you can do
to get you started:

Customize Your Profile! Click on "My Page" in the navigation to go to your profile Check out this article on how to customize your Profile

Visit the Members Page, and see who you may know! ....Click on their image or name to go to their Profile, and you can click the "Friend" button at the top, to send a Friend Request!

You can message other Members by clicking the "Message" button there too. Be sure to read this quick Article, before private messaging other Members.

Visit the Live Chat and chat with other Members! Check out this Article on the: Live Chat!

Visit the Forum! Reply to other member's forum posts, and start your own! ...Be sure to select the appropriate category.

Visit the Events Section, and check out the upcoming Tarot Radio shows and other events coming up, and visit the Video Section to catch out our library of radio past episodes, and videos - deck walk-thru's, reviews, and a lot more!

Invite your Tarot Friends! ....Let them know there's a new place for them to hang out, where it's ALL Tarot, all the Time! You'll find an Invite Link and other ways to invite them here: thetarotguild.com/main/invitation/new


Want More!? ....It's FREE to join the website, hang out with other Tarot Lovers, and enjoy the majority of the Features! ...but we do have a Premium Membership, that offers amazing additional benefits!

Becoming a Premium Member, for Just $12 (That comes out to $1.00 per month!), lets you create your own Groups and Events, and post your articles to the website.

We then also promote all of the content from our Premium Members out to all of our social-media outlets, in our News Updates, and other platforms reaching 100's of thousands!

You will get access to all of our Past Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Upcoming Events....

As a Premium Member, you can also apply to get Certified (CTR) as a professional Reader, and you get access to the Private Group, and content, just for Premium Members.....

You can also Enroll in our Tarot & Numerology Course for $100-OFF! ...Plus certified members get a Listing on our Readers Directory, promotion, Featured-Reader Interviews, Guest appearances on "Tarot Today Radio" ....and a whole host of other benefits! Find out more at:


...and if you are new to Tarot, check out our Tarot by The Numbers™ Course!


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  • I joined the Premium Membership last night!!!  Looking forward to everything!!!


    • Hi Nancy! .....I just made your Membership Certificate!

      I'll be messaging you shortly with that and othe rinformation!!

      ~ Dax

  • Awesome welcome!  I'm looking forward to creating my profile and becoming involved!  Peace and Blessings to everyone!

    • Oh great Nancy! We're so glad to have you!

      YES! Yes, please do, get involved! ...join the premium Membership, it's a dollar a month! ....post content, we'll promote your work. Comment in the Forum. Start your own discussions too!

  • hola bienvenido samira
  • hola

  • Let's make this world a better place to live. No hatred and No Fear

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