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Sharonah Rapseik is going to Talkin' Tarot! 🎙️ Mary & Dax LIVE! Live Chat, Your Calls, FREE Readings!
1 hour ago
Sharonah Rapseik is going to Workshop: The "Tarot Squared" Workshop!
1 hour ago
Tamara Baughman posted a status
I call myself a Tarotist as I have study and worked with Tarot for 40 years. But I also farm and am a breeder of our livestock.
My first deck I bought was Tarot of the Cat People. It's still one of 2 main decks. My other main deck is Tarot of Dreams.
9 hours ago
  • Dax Carlisle Awesome Tamara! 💜👍😃 Welcome to The Guild!
    6 hours ago
Tamara Baughman is now a member of The Tarot Guild
9 hours ago