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Join us Saturday, October 23rd for a "Live" Listener Party! ...Host Mary Brown and I will be joining you in our "Psychic Talk Radio" Chat Room, as we ALL listen-in to Mary's Interview with the extraordinary Deck Creator Ciro Marchetti!

They will be

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Just a quick heads-up that my article with the Most Comprehensive List of Halloween Decks has been Updated with even MORE Halloween Tarot, Oracle and Lenorman Decks ....PLUS, Halloween Tarot Spreads, Coloring books, Journals and more! Check it out! 

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So Facebook and Instagram (owned by facebook) went Down, Monday, October 4th, 2021. 😮 😕  A lot of folks are freaking out! Scrambling to "stay in touch"! You don't know how much you rely on things, until they aren't there!

This is yet another reason to

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Welcome to The Tarot Guild!


Welcome to "The Guild"! ...The Tarot Guild has been the international organization for Tarot Lovers, Students, and Professional Readers since 2004!

We are about to enter our 18th Year, and just a couple of years ago, we decided to create a whole ne

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Here's an excerpt audio snippet from our "Tarot Today Radio" episode How to Unleash Your “Inner Winner” with Tarot! …First Aired on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 ....Tarot Master Michaela Rena gives us her thoughts on belonging to a professionals organiz

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Be sure to check out this Month's "Tarot Tips" newsletter, from The Tarot School, which has a great piece on The Hermit, and a column from our very own Professional Member and Certified Tarot Master, Sharonah Rapseik, PhD, CMAP!

Catch it all HERE:


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