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Every month, on our "Tarot Today LIVE" show🎙, we hold a "Psychic Spin" segment, on the last Saturday of the month. In this segment, we explore current events, topics in the News, or just what is on everyone's mind!

...Some Past "Psychic Spin" Topics

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Dax celebrates 13 Years of “Tarot Today”! 🎙️ 🎉 …Plus the 13th Anniversary of The Tarot Guild going “Online”! 💜 🥳



Join us each Monday and Saturday for “Tarot Today LIVE”! 🎙 …Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle will be “Talkin’ Tarot”, plus FREE Mi

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👋🏻 💜 🎉 Hello Members and Tarot Lovers!

So is everyone excited 🥳 for the New Year! .....New Year, New Possibilities! ...2023 is a "7" World Year! ...7 years are "magical" and "spiritual"! You may feel drawn to connect with your spirituality, your ante

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On this Episode of “Magic Universe”, 🎙 Host Sharonah Rapseik welcomes her Special Guest: Joe Monteleone, Tarot Master Teacher, back to the Show!  ….After some technical difficulties on his last appearance, Joe is back! …Plus Open Lines and FREE Taro

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All *New for 2023, now you can Join "The Guild", paid-up-for-Life, and enjoy ALL the benefits of membership, full use of the website Features, and get a lot of discounts and extras, verses our annual subscription membership!

1. Our lives these days

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Catch the Replay of Mary Brown's "There's a Rock for That!" episode, from January 3rd, 2023! (on the Player below:) Her Crystal Guest of The Month is Emeralds. She also played excerpts from her interview with the editors of the new edition of “The Ky

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🎉 🦃 💜

Wishing all of our USA Members a Happy Thanksgiving! ....We're not doing the whole, big turkey this year... Just the Breast ...But with all of the "fixings"! ....Yummmm 😃


Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Yes! ....It's That ti

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📢 🤠 💜 ☕️ Hello Members!

We've had over 40 New Members join the website in the last few months, and over 20 of them as Premium Members! Welcome everyone! 🎉  We're excited to have you with us! 😎

👉 Check out a full list on our: Members Page


Remember, d

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