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On this Episode of “Tarot Today Radio”, 🎙 Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle welcome their Special Guest: Raven Digitalis, to discuss "The Empath's Oracle"!

...Also, be sure to check out Mary's Walk-thru and Micro-review here:
The Empath's Oracle


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On this Episode of “Tarot Today Radio”, Hosts Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle hold Open Lines, and offer FREE Tarot Readings for their Callers! …Plus, it’s their monthly “Psychic Spin” Segment! …What do YOU want to Know from The Universe!? Mary and Dax

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Every month, on our "Tarot Today Radio" show🎙, we hold a "Psychic Spin" segment, on the last episode of the month. In this segment, we explore current events, topics in the News, or just what is on everyone's mind!

...Some Past "Psychic Spin" Topics

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In this Workshop, Certified Tarot Master & Director of Professional Development for "The Guild", Gary Karp, tell us how we as Tarot Readers can make a difference in the world! (...and make money doing it!)

Gary shared a lot of great information on "

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On this Episode of: “Magic Universe with Sharonah!” ….Host Sharonah Rapseik welcomes her Special Guest: Chandra Parkinson! …They discussChandra’s book: Meditations for Psychic Development …Practical Exercises to Awaken your Sixth Sense! …plus take y

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On this episode of “Tarot Today Radio” 🎙 hosts Dax Carlisle and Mary Brown welcome their Special Guest: Artist & Illustrator Ana Tourian! They discussed Ana's decks, “Tarot of The Abyss”, “Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot”, and more!

Tarot of The Abys

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Mary Brown, Tarot Guild VP/ Dir. of Comms, takes her column "Unveiled with Mary Brown" in an exciting new direction -- an unscripted and live video discussion with one of the most fascinating artists making oracle decks today... Rassouli~!!

Mary will

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On this Episode of: “Magic Universe with Sharonah!” ….Host Sharonah Rapseik welcomes her Special Guest: Leeza Robertson! …They will be discussing Leeza’s book: “The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers… Raise your Vibrations with the Archangels!” …plus

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They say the key to Great Tarot Readings is telling Great Stories! ....Join us for this workshop with the wonderful Pamela Steele! ...Certified Tarot Master, Deck Creator, Lecturer, and Tarot Guild Board Member!

Members, Watch the Replay recoding an

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On this Episode of “There’s a Rock for That!”, Host Mary Brown welcomes her Special Guest: Medium Katerina, and discusses "Adventures in Mediumship"! …This Month’s Crystal Guest: Shattuckite…! FREE Crystal Readings and Mediumship!

Contact Katerina: 

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