Mushauld is an expereienced intuitive tarot reader and long-time psychic. He has been reading cards for over ten years and has taught classes on tarot in both colleges and spiritual centers. He boasts of reading over 1500 people, including politicians and helping detectives with actual cases. He presently works as a psychic-medium regularly conversing with ghosts and he cohosts the Psychic Shack Podcast.

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Jul 28, 2020
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I am the host of The Psychic Shack Podcast, and also read and teach Tarot. I can be found onโ€ฆ
Jul 26, 2020
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I call myself a Tarotist as I have study and worked with Tarot for 40 years. But I also farm and am a breeder of our livestock.
My first deck I bought was Tarot of the Cat People. It's still one of 2 main decks. My other main deck is Tarot of Dreams.
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