Readers having been using multiple decks for a long time. It adds "layers". You also don't have to "re-shuffle" - you can shuffle once, and then keep drawing - then the same card could potentially come up, in different spreads, for the same Clients (adding continuity as well) - 2, 3, 4 times, depending on the number of decks used....
Some Readers shuffle multiple decks together, while others use them separately, but within the same Reading. Some add Lenormand, Oracle and other decks to their Readings, for clarification and additional information.... We've even done "Tarot Today" Radio Shows on this: Combining Tarot and Oracle Readings!
Additionally, the same card can then come up Upright or Reversed, potentially --- and speaking of that:
Another great way to use multiple decks is to get more "realistic / natural" Reversed cards. Most ways of "forcing" Reversals is rather "contrived".
Instead, if you use Reversals that is, take two of the same deck. Flip one whole deck upside-down, then shuffle them together, maintaining their orientation.
Now there is a natural 50/50% chance of getting a reversal ...and, there's even the potential of getting the "same card" showing up, both reversed and upright, in different parts of a Spread, or multiple spreads for the same client!
I have also seen some Readers combine three (3) of the same deck, and reverse (turn upside-down) just one of them, then shuffle them together. Now there's a 1/3 chance of getting a Reversed card. 
Have you used multiple Decks, in any of these ways?? Let us know here, AND we have a Post going on this, on the Tarot Guild Facebook Group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tarotguild/permalink/3622542001118889/ ...Let us know your thoughts!!
Here's to getting innovative!
~ Dax Carlisle, DD, CCH, CTM
President & Founder...
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