Today is the 2nd, bringing with it the Two-Vibration of partnerships, balance, mediation, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, diplomacy, helping and caring...

The High Priestess also brings with it the 2-Energy, and appears, once again, in the same position as in yesterday's Daily Reading! .....Which was about Choices.

Are you about to make a choice between two paths, or make a decision on something? Being a Major Arcana card, The High Priestess indicates this could be very important.

The High Priestess represents the Divine Feminine, virtues, wisdom and knowledge. It also has a strong connection to the Moon. With moonlight, things are not always so clear, obscured by shadows, illusions, fantasy....

The High Priestess is flanked by the Ten of Cups and the Seven of Swords. The Ten of Cups shows an idyllic scene of family, home, abundance and prosperity. Often this is a great card to have show up, but is it all that it seems?

The "Ten's" in the Tarot Minor Arcana are "overkill", and this is more obvious in the Ten of Swords and Ten of Wands, but also present with the Ten of Pentacles and even the Ten of Cups!

Sometimes the Ten of Cups warns that things are not all that they seem. Like a family that apears to have a perfect home life, outwardly, but really is in turmoil. 

It can indicate we are indulging in a fantasy. This is reinforced by the Seven of Swords, which is card of manipulation, taking advantage of a situation, cunning, tactics, stealth and stealing from others, things going on behind the scenes.

The Seven of Swords brings with it the 7-Energy, and today's DATE reduces to the Seven-Vibration as well. Seven is "The Seeker", and is analytical, introspective, intuitive, and inquisitive....

Are things Too Good to be True!? The message here is to Do Your Research! ....And The High Priestess reminds you to use your Intuition and listen to your Gut Instincts!

Bright Blessings! 💜 😎 ☕
~ Dax



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