Wow! 🤯🤔😎 That's a LOT of Pentacle (coin) Cards! ...Money "on the mind" today?? ...Pentacles in Tarot represent the Earth Element.

The "Material Realm", finance, the accumulation of wealth, material things, money matters, prosperity, abundance, firm foundations, and plans surrounding money...

The world of finance reminds me of "The Matrix". It's a world unto itself. It effects people's lives; whole countries prosper or perish because of it. Yet, like "The Matrix", it is an illusion, a simulation.

...And because it's all computerized these days, it's even more like "The Matrix"! ....In fact, it's all run by algorithms and A.I. now (which most people don't realize).

Tangent 👉👉👉 By the way, who else can't WAIT for "The Matrix 4" to come out?!?? 😍✋💜 ...and it's expected to premier on December 22nd, 2021 ...Interesting that they picked the 22nd (Master Builder Number 22)! hmmm... 🤔🧐 

The World of Finance is never static either. The Financial Markets are totally dependent on the Flow of exchange! I think here the simulation is mimicking reality. The whole Universe works on The Flow of Abundance!

Exchange requires at least two (2), and in today's Daily Reading we have the Two of Pentacles showing up. At first glance, you may be "feeling" this way - like you are "juggling" your finances....

The Two of Pents can also indicate imminent change, and the need to maintain balance and harmony. To have flexibility when juggling various aspects of the situation...

The Six of Pentacles is another Card of Balance. Think of "3" on one side of the scales, and "3" on the otherside. Actually, all three of these Cards today are balanced Numbers

Three (3) is Creativity, which is required here. In fact, Three (3) and Six (6) are both from the Creativity Sub-Group of Numbers, 3 - 6 - 9.

In the Six of Pents we have a wealthy individual, perhaps a merchant, who holds a scales, and carefully measures out the alms he is distibuting to the less fortunate, on the side of a road.

This is a card of giving, as well as receiving. The wealthy understand The Law of Attraction and the importance of maintaining The Flow of Abundance.....

For more on this, check out our radio 📻🎙 episode: Following “The Flow” of Abundance!

Four (4) is the Number of Structure, Plans and Foundations. The Four of Pentacles speaks to financial and material structure, and security. However, one negative aspect of the card can be "holding on too tight"...

Wealth & Abundance doesn't come from accumulation of, and "holding onto", money (energy), but rather it's the other way around! Wealth & Abundance is the natural byproduct of the continuous Flow of Energy....

We hoard usually as a reaction to Fear. We think that the way to be safe and secure is to hold on to money. But money is just a representation of "Energy". Whether a "paper" token, or a "digital" one, it is just allowing for the "Exchange of Energy" between two or more people, or respresentative entities.

Just like the Financial Markets are dependent on the flow of exchange, our own abundance, and the whole Universe, is dependent on the Flow... The real Secret to Abundance is actually the opposite of what many of us think!

If a flowing stream is damned-off and allowed to pool, the water becomes stagnant. A flowing stream is vibrant and accumlates (draws in) more! 

The consequence of this, in our own lives, is that we are telling The Universe we "don't want more", if we don't stay in The Flow...

This doesn't mean we don't create financial structures, investments, plans & foundations! The Four of Pents is also about creating financial and material security. 

You see there's a big difference between stagnant or "wasted" Energy (money), and investments that create growth. One is not in The Flow, and the other IS in The Flow!

It's the 19th today, which reduces to the One-Vibration (19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1) of Self, responsibility, independence, self-sufficiency and self-determination! 

So this is a great day to look over your finances, make a plan, including a budget (if you haven't already), look for "wasted" and "stagnant" money, and opportunities to create or maintain Flow....

The whole DATE today reduces to the Five-Vibration, change, adventure, and high-energy! You can treat this exercise as "an Adventure"! Be open to Change, and take advantage of the High-Energy today!

....and don't forget some "Me Time" too! The combination of the 1 and 5 Energy today is perfect for that! Spa day?! Adventures in nature? Travel? A good movie! ....Ride some roller coasters!  😉😎🤩🥳

(The Card Images are from The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck...) 

Bright Blessings! 💜😎☕
~ Dax



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