Happy June 9th! .....TODAY it's that Nine-Vibration, of Endings & Humanitarianism! ...The Mother Teresa Number! ...Nine is from the Creativity Numbers Sub-Group of 3 - 6 - 9.

In Yesterday's Article, I spoke about Embracing The Change and Letting Go ....and Today we continue that Energy! Nine is the End of a Cycle. A good time assess things, let go of what no longer serves you, and do some prep work & planning for the new upcoming cycle....

9069282472?profile=RESIZE_180x180The Hierophant is our Card of The Day (COTD) today, bringing with it the 5-Vibration, of High-Energy and also Change! ...There's a LOT of that lately, in this World Year of Five!

It's certainy been showing up in my own Life, and I am REALLY Embracing the Change folks!

This Card represents tradition, ritual, establishment and routine....

What Habits, Routine, Old Ways, Old Beliefs are holding YOU back? Do you hold on to relationships that no longer serve you? ....What about Beliefs? ....Take a deeper look, are they really YOUR Beliefs?

Are there things you continue to do, just because you've always done it that way? 

In the Waite/Smith version of the Card (shown here from the Radiant Deck), a religious figure (pope) holds court, and wears three layers of robes, one red (passion), one white (purity), and also a blue one (peace).

He wears the triple crown of the pope, and the Papal Cross, a triple sceptre .

..All of these represent the Three Worlds of the Material, Consciousness, and Spiritual, as well as the Subconscious, Conscious and Super Conscious.

He raises his hand in a blessing, two fingers pointing to Heaven and two pointing to the Earth.

Before him are two crossed key, representing only he can unlock the mysteries. He is the bearer of knowledge and wisdom.

Two acolytes or priests, followers, kneel before him, to receive this knowledge. One wears roses & the other lillies - the union of flesh and spirit.

Like The High Priestess, he has two pillars flanking him, with himself as the third pillar, representing The Tree of Life. They are very different however, with one of The High Priestess' pillars being black, and the other white, showing the Duality that makes up the physical Universe.

She guards the secret esoteric knowledge, whereas The Hierophant (The Pope in older Tarot decks) offers the traditional. Yet they are two sides of the same coin.

The DATE today (06092021 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2) brings in the Two-Vibration of Cooperation, Relationships, Partnerships, Romance, Grace, Feminine Power, and Intuition ...from the Business Numbers Sub-Group of 2 - 4 - 8.

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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