Yesterday, we took a look at the true nature of Wealth, the Energy-Exchange that is this thing we call "money", and why It's Selfish NOT to be Rich! <<< Be sure to check that out! 

Today we have the Eight-Vibration coming in from the DATE (06062021 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8) with a continued focus on Abundance & Prosperity. However, our Card of The Day reveals some possible pitfalls....

9046573478?profile=RESIZE_180x180The Ten of Wands is one of those Cards you look at, and immediately get the meaning(s) and actually Feel the Energy, in this case of being perhaps overburdened.

You may be feeling a bit weighed-down in your pursuit of Abundance....

...Or, in your excitement, you have taken on to much, too fast! This could be a warning to slow down and prioritise tasks, before you get stressed and overworked.

In The Ten of Wands, the individual is making progress towards their Goal(s), represented by the house/building, with the red (passion) roof in the distance.

The Wands the individual carries represent the Fire Element, also about PassionZeal, Creativity, Determinaton, Power, Following Your Dreams, and Inspiration.

This is great! But don't let your passion and exuberance bring you to the point where quit, a few feet from your Goal!

You should break larger Goals down into smaller, actionable Steps. Learn also to delegate tasks, when you can. This is more difficult for some people, than others. I myself am a Gemini and a Multitasker

Many of us fall into the trap of the false belief that only we can do it right. This is not true, and we live in time of a "Gig Economy", where there are endless freelancers who can help you out with aspects and tasks of your project/business, and on the cheap!

Take an honest look... What tasks do you dislike doing? What things, if you're honest, do you know you're not that great at? Let an expert take those over for you!

The 10 of Wands, (10 = 1 + 0 = 1) brings with it the One-Vibration, New Beginnings, Opportunity, but also Self. Know when to take a break, slow down, re-evaluate along the way. 

The DAY today is the 6th, bringing in that Six-Vibration of Hearth & Home, Harmony & Balance, Love & Family. Have you neglected things relating to your home and family? Is your "To-Do-List" packed with home-projects and tasks you haven't taken care of?

This is a great day to take a break, and shift your focus back to these. Start tackling and checking off those things on your to-do-list! 

Though still work perhaps, this shift away from your puruit of abundance will actually Re-Energize you, giving you new fresh vitality tomorrow, when you return to following your dreams..........

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax

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