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8956055281?profile=RESIZE_180x180Today's Card of The Day (COTD) is The Magician! ....This Card brings with it the 1-Vibration, from the 1 - 5 - 7 Mind Numbers sub-group in Numerology.  

One resonates with the vibrations and attributes of new beginnings, creation, independence, uniqueness, motivation, striving forward and progress, ambition and will power, positivity and positiveness

In the Waite/Smith version of the Card (shown here from the Radiant Deck), a figure wears a white shirt (purity/spirit), with a red cloak over it (passion). These energies are in balance.

He has a purple (power, nobility) snake around his waist, like a belt, the snake biting its own tail. Serpents were symbols of Wisdom in many ancient cultures.

A snake swallowing its own tail is a symbol of Infinity, just as the Lemniscate, above the magician's head. It speaks to the infinite capacity for Creativity, and the boundless nature of Abundance!

The magician holds a white wand up to the heavens, in his right hand, drawing down source energy... while pointing down, to the earth, with his left, directing it (pointing the way) for manifestation in the material realm.

The wand is a phallic shape representation of the Number "1". It is double-tipped as well, indicating this is a two-way street. He doesn't merely draw down energy, but also puts his Intention (and attention) into the higher consciousness.


On the table before him (an area of focus), we see the Four Elements of physical manifestation, Air - Fire - Water - Earth, represented by the symbols of the Minor Arcana of Tarot.

The Rose and Lilies echo the colors of the magicians shirt and cloak, in equilibrium. Human Passion and Heavenly Purity in perfect balance....

He has all he needs, including his own skills and abilities, to manifest whatever he desires into the material realm. The Keys being Focus, Intention, and Balance...

The DAY today reduces (22 = 2 + 2 = 4) to the Four-Vibration of Structure, Plans and Foundations! ...It is from the Business Numbers sub-group in Numerology, 2 - 4 - 8.

From a “square deal” to a “square meal", Four is sturdy, solid and balanced. Four is systems and foundations, management and plans.  It is a Number of dependability, patience, persistence, pragmatism, patriotism, practicality, and organization ...to name a few.

Before the reducton, however, it's worth noting we have the Number "22", which is a "Master Number", The Master Builder Number! ...Which even further indicates this is a time to create foundations and plans for your Abundance & Prosperity!

The whole DATE reduces to (05222021 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5), from the Mind  Numbers Sub-Group 1 - 5 - 7, which was present yesterday, as well... 

8956060066?profile=RESIZE_180x180Five is a Number of Change, High-Energy and sometimes Chaos. It is an expression of personal freedom, with wit and a sense of Adventure!

You are in a time of Change. But, as I suggested yesterday, "Change is GOOD!"... You have all the skills & abilities you require (The Magician), so as your work on your plans and foundation(s) today (22 & 4-Energies), do so with an Adventurous Spirit! (5-Energy)

All change, and growth, require us to step out of our Comfort Zone! ...and doing so today, with a sense of curiousity, adventure and playfulness, will make this much easier!

It will also allow you to think outside of the box and be inspired, creative and inventive!

However, write it all down "in pencil", rather than "stone", at this point. Remember, on a Five-Day, you should avoid making any concrete commitments, signing contracts, and so forth.....

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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