Live Tag-Team Walk-Thru and Review "The Somnia Tarot"! Facebook Live....

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Let's Talk Tarot! ....."Tarot Tuesdays" Facebook Live!

This week VP & Director of Communications Mary Brown does a LIVE Tag-Team Review of "The Somnia Tarot" by Nicolas Bruno, with Guild President Dax Carlisle!

Catch our interview on "Tarot Today Radio" 🎙 with Nicolas Bruno anytime here:

Mary Brown is the Vice President of The Tarot Guild, a Certified Tarot Master (CTM), Director of Communications, and Host of "Tarot Today Radio", as well as "There's a Rock for That!"....
Dax Carlisle is President & Founder of The Tarot Guild, a Certified Tarot Master (CTM), and Host of "Tarot Today Radio"

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