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Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Right Now, you can sign-up for the Tarot Guild Premium Membership (which includes your CTR Certification) and get our Tarot by The Numbers™ Course FREE!

Regularly $156 for both, so this Special Package is HALF-OFF!

Simply go to the Premium Members Group and Click "Subscribe":


....If you are not already signed up with a profile on the website, you will be prompted to do that first. Then you will be taken to the "Subscribe" screen (See Below:) ....Click "Subscribe". You'll pay just $78, and be granted access to both the Premium Members Group and Course Group.

The Course, classes and materials are located on the Course Group. CTR Tarot Certification is included with your Premium Membership!


 You will get immediate access automatically to the Premium Members Group. We will manually add you to the Course Group. If you have any questions, or need assistance, message me from my Page:

25%-OFF Our Course!

If you would like to just Enroll in Our Tarot by The Numbers™ Course, you can take 25%-OFF, during Our Sizzling Summer Sale! ....Just go to the course info Page >>> ...Click ENROLL NOW, and put in the Discount Code: SUMMER25


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Check Out Our Great Upcoming Radio Shows!

Mark your calendars ...We have some great Radio Shows coming up: 

Each month we have LIVE Radio Shows, with Tarot-Related Topics for you! ...Deck Creators, Authors, Interviews, Tarot Topics, Reading Tips, Professional Business Tips, Free On-Air Tarot Mini-Readings, "Psychic Spin" segments - looking at world events thru The Tarot, and More! ....Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: "The Doctors Are IN!", "Tarot Today Radio", "Magic Universe", "There's a Rock for That!"

Find Out Upcoming Shows in The EVENTS Section:




Happy Listening!

Dax Carlisle
~ Radio Host, Tarot Advisor, Numerologist, Tarot Guild President, Professional Hypnotist

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Watch Out for Spammers!

Hello fellow Tarot Guild Members! This is just a quick message to warn you to look out for "spam", and protect your personal information, email address, etc.

We had a "Spammer" on the website yesterday. Many thanks to Guild Member Amythyst Raine for spotting this and letting us know!

The same message was sent to dozens of our Members, telling you that she had something "vital" to disclose to you:


She claims that she found it difficult to "express" herself, since it was a "public website". Then gives you her email address. ...However our website has private messaging, so this is obviously a "scam" to get you to email her directly, in order to get your personal email address! 

Whether your are receiving a message, from someone you don't know, on the Tarot Guild website, Facebook, or another social-networking website, there is no need to email them from your private personal email address. Our website, and Facebook, etc all have private messaging through the website, and your personal email address is NOT disclosed to them.........

In fact, the only way another Member can get your personal email address is if YOU give it to them! 

Needless to say, this profile was removed and suspended, along with all of her content. Feel free to contact us anytime, if you suspect "spam" or receive suspicious messages from other Members, or if you see Posts you feel are not appropriate for our website. 

if a Member you don't know leaves a message on Your Wall, or in a post, etc., gives your an email address, and asks you to email them --- DO NOT email them! If you wish to contact them privately, simply click on their "Name" in the post and you will be taken to their profile page, and then click on "Message" to safely private message them..........

Thanks everyone! ....Stay Safe!
~ Dax




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25%-OFF during Our Sizzling Summer Sale!

The first and Only course of it’s kind, Tarot by The Numbers™ gives you a strong foundation in both Tarot and Numerology! You learn both, side-by-side, with Numerology as a Framework. The Course is 11 self-paced, online Modules, and includes dozens of bonus materials, videos, bonus classes, PDF handouts, and more!

Just use the Discount Code: SUMMER25 at Check Out!

More Information and Enroll Here:



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Tarot & Life Coaching Sessions - 25%-OFF!


Have Life Questions!? ...Life Purpose, Career, Relationships?

Achieve Goals, and eliminate Stress, Fears, Phobias, and Habits...

Book a Private Session with Me!

25%-OFF during Our Sizzling Summer Sale!

Tarot, Numerology, Life Coaching, Tapping (EFT), NLP, Hypnosis...

Visit My Page:




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Check out the 3rd Annual 24 Hour YouTube Tarothon! Featuring 20+ Tarot YouTube Channels! ...Presented by The Hermit's Cave YouTube Channel!

You can just click on the Titles (below) and watch them in order, if you like:

1. Tarothon Start - Pixie & The RWS Tarot
The Hermit's Cave

2. Intuitive Tarot Reader - Be One!
Tarot Map

3. My Photographic Decks
Christine & Celeste

4. Tarot Through The Looking Glass
Becca, Talks & Tarot

5. Jung, Tarot and Shadow Work
Little Zen Crone

6. Working with Ghost Cards
The Truth in Story

7. Fun Tarot & Oracle Decks
Roman Biscotti

8. Court Cards and The Zodiac
Maha's Treasure Box

9. Numerology - Unlocking The Secret Code - Part 2
Lavendar Moon

10. Tarot and Your Soul Contract
Kittens Weights and Tarot

11. Art of Tarot
Ladybird by ANATERESA

12. Finding Balance with Tarot
Jen's Balanced Tarot

13. More Decks, More Options
Moon Baby

14. Dare 2 Compare
Crossed Paths

15. Major Crafting - Channel Launch!
Wolf Meets Witch

16. Reading Tarot in Layers
Mitchell Osborn

17. Kickstarter/Indiegogo Revisited
Jennifer Ball's Witch House

18. Tarot for Devotion
Stellar Rain Dancer

19. Trash to Treasure, Deck Modification
Sunwillow Studio

20. Speed Reading The Tarot
Tarotdactyl - Mary Brown

21. Healing with The Tarot
Science to Soul Tarot with Jen

22. Weaving Tarot Majors ~ The Integrator’s Way
Musings by Mascha

23. Summary, Giveaway and Close
The Hermit's Cave




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We started our Facebook Group back in 2012. It has had very slow, but steady growth over the last 8 years. However, there has been a serge in growth over the last few months. Dozens of people joining the Group daily! ......It's pretty amazing! ...I'd love to know what has caused this growth serge!

So we finally broke 6000 members - We're actually at 6022!

You can visit the Group and Join at: ....if you haven't already done so. Also we have a Twitter account as well: @TarotGuild

Now, if we could only get those 6000+ Facebook Group Members to realize we have this new website, with ALL the Features of Facebook, none of the negative stuff, and it's ALL Tarot ALL the time! ..............LOL ;o)


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You'll learn your Personal Year Number, for 2020, and about the World Year of "4". You'll receive your Full 9-Number Numerology Chart, and a Report describing each, which will reveal important details about your Life, your strengths & weaknesses, tendencies and potentials. Along with a Full New Years Tarot Reading, using my New Spread, all delivered via email.

Just $67 for the Whole Package!

3791211473?profile=RESIZE_710x...and then contact me thru my Page:

For the Numerology, I will need your Birth Name (the full name that appears on your birth certificate), your full Birth Date, and the Name you most commonly go by now (how folks know you, married name, nick name or shortened).

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Welcome to The Tarot Guild!


Welcome to the New Tarot Guild Website! ...We have just entered our 16th Year and we decided to create a whole new online experience for Tarot Lovers everywhere! ....The Guild's new site is a full-featured social-networking community platform, like those other "Big Name Social Media" ones out there, but here it's ALL Tarot ALL the Time! ...and with out the negative "stuff".

The Website is brand new, and so we're just getting started - It's like "beta-testing"! Everything works, but as it develops, there will be more Groups to visit/join, Articles to check out, informative Videos and Interviews, and much more!

...Plus, as you are a charter member, this is your opportunity to help steer the course, make suggestions, and give us your ideas to make the community great for all Tarot Lovers! Help us grow, by inviting your Tarot friends, adding your own content, and getting involved!

Here are somethings you can do
to get you started:

Customize Your Profile! Click on "My Page" in the navigation to go to your profile Check out this article on how to customize your Profile

Visit the Members Page, and see who you may know! ....Click on their image or name to go to their Profile, and you can click the "Friend" button at the top, to send a Friend Request!

You can message other Members by clicking the "Message" button there too. Be sure to read this quick Article, when you have a chance.

Visit the Live Chat and chat with other Members! Check out this Article on the: Live Chat!

Visit the Forum! Reply to other member's forum posts, and start your own! ...Be sure to select the appropriate category.

Visit the Video Section and check out some of our Tarot Radio shows we already have up there!

Invite your Tarot Friends! Let them know there's a new place for them to hang out, where it's ALL Tarot, all the Time! You'll find an Invite Link and other ways to invite them here:

Want More!? ....It's FREE to join the website, hang out with other Tarot Lovers, and enjoy the majority of the Features! ...but we do have a Premium Membership. which lets you create your own Groups and Events, and post your articles to the website. You get access to the Private Group, and content, for premium members. CTR Tarot Reader Certification is included, and a Listing on our Readers Directory a lot more! Find out more at:

...and if you are new to Tarot, check out our Tarot by The Numbers™ Course!

Have suggestions, comments, ideas or need some help? Contact Us antime:




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We're Officially (Re-) Launching Saturday, January 18th, 2020!

We have been broadcasting non-stop since January 20th, 2010 ...with our very first Radio Show: Tarot Today Radio! We are about to enter our 11th year! ...and for our 10th Anniversary, January 20th, 2020, we are bringing back Tarot Today!

 It's also the 10th Anniversary of our very first Website. With our recent 15th Anniversary of The Tarot Guild, and the launch of the *New Website, which is built on the same platform (Ning) that our 1st website was, we thought it was very apropos to bring back our 1st ever radio show!

Tarot Today Radio will be hosted by Tarot Guild Founder Dax Carlisle, and Mary Brown, VP for Certification. Tarot Today will air Saturdays, at: 11am Pacific Time (US) / 2pm Eastern / 7p London (UK)! .....and will replace our current Psychic Saturdays show -

The show will Air on the Psychic Talk Radio Network, and will Simulcast, on Facebook LIVE, on our Tarot Guild and Psychic Talk Facebook Groups!

"Events" for each upcoming show will be found here on the Tarot Guild website, and Replays in our "Guild News", as well as our "Videos" section, of the website! ...YES! - Some episodes we will be "On Cam"!

We will be discussing anything and everything Tarot! ....We will cover your favorite Tarot-Topics, as well as offer Book & Deck Reviews, interviews with your favorite Tarot Authors, Deck Creators and Teachers, as well as offer information on Certification, Guild News, as well as Mini-Readings, Live On-Air, for our Listeners! ....Feel free to contact us, and share your ideas for the Show! ....Interviews you'd like to hear ....Topics you'd like to hear discussed, or any suggestions you may have!

In the mean time, catch our Tarot Radio Shows "Psychic Saturday"!

You'll find past and upcoming episodes at:

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Full Custom Numerology Reports from Dax!


Uncover important details about your Life, Life Purpose, Career, Relationships, strengths & weaknesses, tendencies and potentials …with a Full Custom Numerology Chart and Report from Numerologist Dr. Dax Carlisle!

Discover Your Personal Year Number, for 2020, and what that means, for a World Year Number of 4….

3733919632?profile=RESIZE_180x180Your Name & Birth Date are NO Accident! Your Birth Date reveals your Life Path, Attitude Number, Birth Day Number and Personal Year Number. Your Name reveals your Destiny Number, Soul-Urge Number, Personality Number, Power Name Number and Intensity Number.

These Reports are hand-crafted by Dax – not machine-generated, like you find on the internet! These Custom Reports are delivered via email – but unlike those (supposedly) free machine-generated ones, you will be able to correspond with Dax and ask questions, get clarification, and further insights!

Order Yours TODAY!:


One Report Just $37!


 ...or Get Two (2) Reports for Just $47!


 …included with the 2-Report option is a FREE Compatibility Analysis. You can see the dynamics between You and anyone else! – your spouse, your BF / GF, your parents, your kids, relatives, friends, co-workers, your boss…. OR, just give one to a Friend!

When you Book a Tarot Session with Dax, your Numerology Report is Included!
Visit Dax's Page to Book:

PLEASE NOTE: For each Report, Dax will need the FULL Birth Name (as it appears on their birth certificates), their FULL Birth Date – including year, and the name they most commonly go by now (married name, shortened name, nick name). Contact Dax, after your purchase!

 Have Questions? Need Assistance? Contact Dax:

Visit his Page: Dax Carlisle


Are You Interested in Numerology?



Check Out Dax’s Tarot by the Numbers™ Course! So much more than a typical course on Tarot, The First & Only of It’s kind, Dax’s course includes Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Numerology. working with Numbers, Numerology Charts – all in a self-paced online course, with 11 Video Modules ….(optional) Become a Certified Numerologist and/or a Certified Tarot Reader (CTR)!




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Your Customizable Profile "My Page"!

One of my favorite Features of the new website is the Customizable Profile, that every Member gets - Called the "My Page". After you Signup for the website, when you click My Page, in the navigation bar, your will be taken to this profile. (If you click My Page before you join, you will be prompted to Signup.)

Your Profile will be located at: <<< Which is handy for Readers that don't have their own website ....Hint: You don't need one! ....You can Customize your My Page as you like, and promote the your page on social media, on your business cards, and so on!

When you first arrive, there will be a default Profile Image (unless you already chose one in the Signup process) and a default Cover Image. You can change both of these by uploading new images from the Options Button (wheel). In addition, there is a Customizable Bio / Information Block available! Here you can add contact information, such as your email, social media links (your Facebook for example), a telephone number, etc. You can add Any Text you like, such as a Bio, information about your Readings, other Services, etc. You can even add an image, or HTML - it's fully cusomizable!

This Information / Bio Block will not appear to visitors, until you click the "Add Text" button and update it. If you wish, you can just leave it blank, and visitors to your Page will only see the Tabs Block below it.....

...You can see the "Default" My Page here (more images below):


After You Customize Your My Page, it will look a little like This:


Use Your Bio / Information Block to suit Your Needs (example):


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Social Signup and Signin!

New Members can now Signup for the website using their social media accounts! Currently, you have a choice between Facebook and Twitter. We plan on adding Google, Yahoo! and LinkedIn, in the near future...

Members returning to the website can signin (login) using their social media accounts, as well. If you already have a profile on the website, and signed up using your email address and a password, you can still "add" social signin to your profile!

Here are the Steps:

First ....Signin, using your email address and password - and then:

Click on "My Page" go to your profile
Click on "Options" - on the right (wheel)
Click on "Edit Profile".........
Click on "Connections" >>> Profile - Email - Connections (at the top - left)
Click on "Sign in with your Facebook account" or "Sign in with your Twitter account"

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You Can Private Message Other Members....

Just a quick message on communicating with other Members. In addition to Live Chat, and many other ways to interact, such as on the Forums, in Groups, you can also Private Message other members! This is just like instant messaging or Facebook Messenger. 

You must, of course, be Signed In, in order to send messages, or use the Live Chat. If the "Messge" button doesn't show up on a member's page, then you may not be signed. There is a sign in button at the top of every page....

You can visit the: Members Page ...and see if there is anyone you know! ......Happy Messaging!


Please Note: This feature is not to be abused. Chatting with Friends is one thing, but do not use Private Messaging to spam, solicit, harass, or otherwise send Members unwanted communications! 

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Thanks for Your Support!

You can help support the website by becoming a Premium Member! ...if you'd prefer to keep your Free Membership, you can help keep this website FREE for Tarot Lovers around the Globe with a Donation!

>>> Donate <<<