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Here's an excerpt audio snippet from our "Tarot Today Radio" episode How to Unleash Your “Inner Winner” with Tarot! …First Aired on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 ....Tarot Master Michaela Rena gives us her thoughts on belonging to a professionals organiz

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SAVE BIG!! ...During our Annual Sizzlin' Summer Sale! 

Professional Tarot Readers:

Join "The Guild", the international organization for Professional Readers, since 2004, as a Professional Member, receive all of the benefits, plus your CTR - Tarot Re

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Be sure to check out this Month's "Tarot Tips" newsletter, from The Tarot School, which has a great piece on The Hermit, and a column from our very own Professional Member and Certified Tarot Master, Sharonah Rapseik, PhD, CMAP!

Catch it all HERE:


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Join our radio network "Psychic Talk Radio" as a Radio Host, Podcaster, Video-caster, or Sponsor and be seen as The Expert and a Leader in Your Field!

There are many opportunities at "Psychic Talk", and Your Professional Membership in "The Guild" an

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Welcoming our New Members from the last 30 days: 

New Professional Members:  Melanie Saulnier,  Alex PB, and Shenlei E. Winkler

New Associate Members:  Dwayne WardMartha Rand,  Christine GwinToni StaggStephanie Kirley,  Priyantha Dias, and  De

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Hello fellow Tarot Guild Members! I can't believe it's almost April! ....Where is the year going? ...Perhaps it's because 2021 is not "dragging along" like 2020 did! Things ARE getting better folks! 

I just had my 1st COVID vaccine shot. They say mo

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Greetings Associate and Professional Members! We are up to 333 here on the new Tarot Guild website, and growing! Yup, Angel Number 333 - is The Universe winking at us? Let's Welcome our New Members in February:

Darlene Johnson - El Remi - CathAngela

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