Tarot Guild Code of Ethics: TheTarotGuild.com/Code

Join me (Dax) and VP - Director of Communications Mary Brown, as we explore professional ethics for Tarot Readers!

This was actually a LOT of fun, considering the "Topic"!

We took a look at The Guild's Code of Ethics, and how you can use it as a template for developing your own personal Code.

We discussed why The Guild has a Code, and why we require our certified professional members to adhere to at least this minimum standard, why you should have a Code of Ethics, why you should publish it, and make it available to your clients.

We also discussed establishing boundaries, which is the most important part of ethics, and answered questions like "Is it ever appropriate to Read about 3rd parties not present at a session?", "When is it appropriate to offer my services to someone?", "How frequently should I Read for a client?"

Watch the Replay Video on the Private Members Group:

Ethics for Professional Tarot Readers

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