Watch Out for Spammers!

Hello fellow Tarot Guild Members! This is just a quick message to warn you to look out for "spam", and protect your personal information, email address, etc.

We had a "Spammer" on the website yesterday. Many thanks to Guild Member Amythyst Raine for spotting this and letting us know!

The same message was sent to dozens of our Members, telling you that she had something "vital" to disclose to you:


She claims that she found it difficult to "express" herself, since it was a "public website". Then gives you her email address. ...However our website has private messaging, so this is obviously a "scam" to get you to email her directly, in order to get your personal email address! 

Whether your are receiving a message, from someone you don't know, on the Tarot Guild website, Facebook, or another social-networking website, there is no need to email them from your private personal email address. Our website, and Facebook, etc all have private messaging through the website, and your personal email address is NOT disclosed to them.........

In fact, the only way another Member can get your personal email address is if YOU give it to them! 

Needless to say, this profile was removed and suspended, along with all of her content. Feel free to contact us anytime, if you suspect "spam" or receive suspicious messages from other Members, or if you see Posts you feel are not appropriate for our website. 

if a Member you don't know leaves a message on Your Wall, or in a post, etc., gives your an email address, and asks you to email them --- DO NOT email them! If you wish to contact them privately, simply click on their "Name" in the post and you will be taken to their profile page, and then click on "Message" to safely private message them..........

Thanks everyone! ....Stay Safe!
~ Dax




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