Welcoming our New Members from the last 30 days: 

New Professional Members:  Melanie Saulnier,  Alex PB, and Shenlei E. Winkler

New Associate Members:  Dwayne WardMartha Rand,  Christine GwinToni StaggStephanie Kirley,  Priyantha Dias, and  Debi Barr

WELCOME to The Tarot Guild everyone!

Congratulations to Alex PB, CTR on his recent Certification!

If you are a Professional Member, remember, there is a Private Forum on the Pro Members Group to take advantage of! ...Associate Members can share on the Main Forum: www.TheTarotGuild.com/Forum

Want to have a Bigger Online Presence for You and Your Business? ...Consider joining us as a Host or Sponsor on our "Psychic Talk Radio" Network!

This positions you as "The Expert" and a Leader in Your Field! ......Plus, Your Tarot Guild Professional Membership and CTR Certification is included! Check it out, and discover all the possibilities at: www.PsychicTalk.net/JoinUs

What Do YOU Want to Know from The Universe!? ...If you don't know about our "Psychic Spin" Segments on "Tarot Today Radio", it's when Host Mary Brown and I ask "The Big Questions", events in the news and things that are on all of our minds collectively!

Mary and I want to know what Questions YOU have, and want answered! ....Read more about the "Psychic Spin", and let us know your suggestions/questions here: www.thetarotguild.com/articles/psychicspinquestions

Speaking of our Radio Shows, we have some awesome episodes coming up! Including a discuss on Telekinesis, with Guest Bob Harshman and Host Mary Brown on May 1st! Angel Sigils on May 7th. Susan Wands, author of "Magician and Fool", with Host Sharonah Rapseik on May 9th.

Guild Certified Tarot Master Corbie Mitleid returns on May 15th to chat with us about being successful at psychic fairs and expos! Animal Communicator Julie Ulrich on May 23rd. Open Lines and Tarot Readings episodes, and a LOT more! Check them out under "Events": www.TheTarotGuild.com/Events

You can always catch Past Episodes under "Videos": www.TheTarotGuild.com/Videos (150 currently) ....as well as over 700 Episodes on our Archive: www.PsychicTalk.net/Archive

Just a Quick "Heads-Up" .....Our "April Special" ENDS in about a day and a half! ....Midnight, Friday - April 30th! This is your last chance to get in on these Deals!

If you are already a Professional Reader, while the "April Special" lasts, you can become a Tarot Guild Professional Member, and get Your CTR - Certified Tarot Reader Certification, in a package Deal...!

The CTR Certification is already discounted 40% for Pro Members, but with this special you will get an additional 10%-OFF!

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If you are *New to Tarot, and not quite ready to get certified, you can Enroll on my Tarot by The Numbers™, Tarot & Numerology Couse, and receive Your Pro Membership FREE and Your CTR Certification FREE, for when you are ready!

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As always, contact me if you have questions or need assistance!

Bright Blessings.
~ Dax




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