It's here! ....The Star Trek Tarot!!

The Star Trek Tarot!

It's finally here! An actual licensed Tarot deck, based on Star Trek-TOS (the original series)! As a first-generation, life-long Fan, of everything Star Trek, I am particularly excited about this deck! What's even better is that the concept is great and the Images are just stunning!

Here's what the creators at Telekiad had to say, in a recent post on the Tarot Guild Facebook Group:

"We are Tarot experts, professional artists and Star Trek fans, and we created a deck to introduce the Tarot to Star Trek fans and Star Trek to Tarot users. The 78 Tarot cards matched one-to-one with the original 78 aired Star Trek episodes, in a way that honors bothAfter years of giving out handmade decks as gifts to friends, STAR TREK TAROT is now an officially licensed product."
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