Mary Brown, Tarot Guild VP/ Dir. of Comms, takes her column "Unveiled with Mary Brown" in an exciting new direction -- an unscripted and live video discussion with one of the most fascinating artists making oracle decks today... Rassouli~!!

Mary will be facilitated this very special live and free open discussion via Zoom with Rassouli! This improvisional discussion "unveiled" Rassouli's insights into oracles, art, mysticism, creativity... and much MORE!

Watch the Replay Anytime! VIDEO Below:

10361239265?profile=RESIZE_400xRassouli is the creator of the new "Great Eastern Oracle," the "Sufi Wisdom Oracle," as well as the artist for Alana Fairchild’s "Rumi Oracle" and "Journey of Love Oracle" and Kelly Sullivan Walden's "Dream Oracle" and "The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle" and more.

Rassouli is an internationally renowned artist and author of several books, including "The Book of Creativity: Mastering Your Creative Power" and "Hafiz: Wisdom of Madness" and more. He hosts artist workshops online and in person retreats, and is a sought after speaker who exhibits his art worldwide.

P.S. ~ Check out Mary's comments in her "Unveiled" article in the article section here: Rassouli

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