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Catch the Replay of Mary Brown's "There's a Rock for That!" episode, from January 3rd, 2023! (on the Player below:) Her Crystal Guest of The Month is Emeralds. She also played excerpts from her interview with the editors of the new edition of “The Ky

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🎉 Anniversary Celebration Specials! 🎉

👉 Join The Guild for Just $1 One Dollar! ...Regularly $12 for the year ($1 per month), during our 18th Anniversary Celebration, Join for the whole year, for Just a Dollar! ...Go here: JOIN THE GUIILD "S

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On this episode of our *new radio show/podcast "The Angelic View", Host Maria G. Maas discusses how reading tarot cards was the bridge to her becoming an angel intuitive medium. For Maria, working with the tarot opened the doorway to the angelic rea

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