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Hello Members and Tarot Lovers!

News Update - May 18th, 2023

Welcome New Members! 🎉💜

A BIG Shout-Out to our *Newest Members: Kim CromieMarinda StopforthToni FrazierRebecca HowieCaroline Bennett, and Danielle! ...WELCOME To "The Guild"! 👍 😃 👋🏻

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Hello Members and Tarot Lovers!

Book Launches:

We're excited to announce that "Kickstart Your Tarot Business", by Tarot Guild Member and Certified Reader Nicole Colella (Card Shaper), has officially launched! ...A Professional's Guide to Building Yo

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Is Africa Splitting into Two Continents?

Join us this Saturday, March 25th, for our next "Tarot Today LIVE!" ....Mary will be returning to the show, and in our "Psychic Spin" segment, we will be asking The Tarot: Is Africa Splitting into Two Contine

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Howdy Members and Tarot Lovers! 🤠 💜 🎉

Lot's going on at The Guild!

....A BIG Welcome to our newest Members: Jonny ArkadeSharon LambVanessa C RojasMaggie Brooks (Premium Member), Ruby RooMaricruz Melo, and Nguyen Thi Binh Yen 💜 😎 🥳

FREE Works

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👋🏻 💜 🎉 Hello Members and Tarot Lovers!

So is everyone excited 🥳 for the New Year! .....New Year, New Possibilities! ...2023 is a "7" World Year! ...7 years are "magical" and "spiritual"! You may feel drawn to connect with your spirituality, your ante

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🎉 🦃 💜

Wishing all of our USA Members a Happy Thanksgiving! ....We're not doing the whole, big turkey this year... Just the Breast ...But with all of the "fixings"! ....Yummmm 😃


Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Yes! ....It's That ti

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Hello Members! 🤠 ☕️ 📢

It's November already (can you believe it?! ) and the Holidays are quickly approaching! In fact, I hope you all had a Fun, Safe, and Scary Halloween 🎃 👻 💀!

October 31st (Halloween) was also our 18th Anniversary! 🎉 🍾 The Tarot Gu

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