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We are celebrating ALL Weekend! 🎉 💜 🥳 ....International Tarot Weekend! ....and "kicking it off" with a special Facebook Live! ...Hosted by our Director of Professional Development, Tarot Master Gary Karp, and Tarot Guild Founder & President, Dax C

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In this Workshop, Certified Tarot Master & Director of Professional Development for "The Guild", Gary Karp, tell us how we as Tarot Readers can make a difference in the world! (...and make money doing it!)

Gary shared a lot of great information on "

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LET'S TALK TAROT! 🎙 💜 ☕️ 😎 🎉Streaming LIVE on the Tarot Guild Facebook Group!

A LOT of great information was shared by Director of Professional Development Gary Karp and Tarot Guild Founder & President Dax Carlisle, as we hung-out, discussed pricing

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