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  • Lenormand for Tarot Readers! ...with Brenda Elizabeth
  • Ethics for Professional Tarot Readers! ...with Mary Brown and Dax Carlisle
  • Sorting Hat Spread! ...with Corbie Mitleid
  • Setting The Stage! How to Prepare, so you can give a Great Reading every time! ...with Mary Brown!
  • How to give Great Readings! ...with Debra Zachau
  • An Introduction to Numerology for Tarot Readers! ...with Dax Carlisle and Sharonah Rapseik!
  • Tell Me a Story! ...with Pamela Steele, CTM
  • How Tarot Readers can Make a Difference in The World! (And Make Money Doing It)! ...with Gary Karp
  • Tarot Magic ...with Sharonah Rapseik!
  • Tarot and Dreams ...with Brenda Elizabeth!
  • Tarot Decks... Self-Publishing, crowd-Funding, and more! ...with Jennifer Cooper Steidley!
  • Introduction to Astrology for Tarot Readers! ...with Sharonah Rapseik!
  • Three Cards Ain’t Just! ...with Corbie Mitleid!
  • Introduction to Qabalah for Tarot Readers! ...with Sharonah Rapseik!
  • Becoming a Successful Remote Reader! ...Panel Discussion, with The Tarot Guild Staff!
  • Crafting The Best Questions for Tarot! ...Panel Discussion, with The Tarot Guild Staff!
  • Deep Dish Card Dive! ...with Corbie Mitleid, CTM
  • Build Consistency & Brand Awareness with Multiple Streams of Income! ...with Gary Karp
  • Niching Your Tarot Biz! ...Standing Out in a Sea of Readers! ...with Nicole Colella
  • To Reverse or Not! Using or Not Using Reversals! ...Panel Discussion, Tarot Guild Staff
  • Setting Professional Boundaries! ...Panel Discussion, Tarot Guild Staff
  • The Language of Pracle Cards! ...with Ellie Moonchild
  • The Tarot Squared Spread! ...with Dax Carlisle
  • Tarot Court Cards Demystified!  ...Panel Discussion with the Tarot Guild Staff!
  • The Five-Card Yes/No Spread! ...with Dax Carlisle
  • Continuity is King: How to Make Thousands of Dollars a Month Without Burning Out! ...with Gary Karp

Coming SOON! ⬇️

Sunday, December 3rd - 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern (U.S.)
Tarot History: Just the Facts! ...with Mary Brown

Sunday, December TBA - 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern (U.S.)
A Brief History of Nudity in The Tarot! ...with Mary Brown

Methods for Timing in Tarot! ...Panel Discussion with the Tarot Guild Staff!

Why Get Certified?! Plus, Q&A ...Panel Discussion with the Tarot Guild Staff!

Master Numbers and The Tarot Court! ...with Dax Carlisle

Building Confidence as a Professional Tarot Reader!
...with Dax Carlisle!

Counseling Skills for Psychics & Readers! ...with Psychotherapist Janice Fuchs!

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