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Apr 30, 2020
I did my first Tarot Reading in 1955. Since then I have done thousands. Initially it was solely the Rider-Waite but today I use one of five sets of cards depending on the nature of the concern and the personality of the Querant.
Earlier one had the Querant join you and participate in the rituals and readings using his/ her own hands. But gradually and especially with the emergence of e-mails the Reader was asked to comment on the Querants concerns without he or she being there. The Tarot Professional used other techniques particularly Numerology in getting more information about the Querant. Dates of birth and Names were analyzed along Numerology lines to arrive at information which along with interpretation of then Tarot cards drawn gave the reading. Use of cards called Significators was also sometimes adopted.
I was never fully satisfied with this situation and started looking for answers. Numerology using dates of birth revealed characteristics at birth with hints on which way the character was likely to develop but could not be an adequate measure of what he/ she really was at the time of the expressed concern. Could not Numerology discover his/her frame of mind at the time of the relevant event. This started a chain of organized research. I would ask persons to think of sets of numbers whenever anything emotional happened. Found that the sets of numbers differed even if the events were similar. Going through a mass of data, soon found that the degree and nature of emotion (and hence the numbers) also depended on the circumstances in which the event occurred and also on the mind-set or mood the person was in, at the time of the event. Finally thought I may have an answer. Ask the Querant to write down a 3-digit number when framing the question, another when recalling persons and influences which led to the event along with HIS/ HER desired outcome and finally a third set when appealing for Tarot intervention. This gave me another set of three 3-digit numbers which when subjected to the same Numerology Analysis and compared to the original analysis, based on data at birth, gave a fair picture of the querant's mental evolution.
All the reader now had to do, having understood the backround and armed with the knowledge arising from these three sets of 3-digit numbers, was to repeat in the mind when framing the questions or sub-sets thereof when drawing the cards, on behalf of the Querant. By this technique the Reader is truly in the shoes of the Querant. The cards sense this and the cards drawn are more meaningful. I now use this technique all the time, and find the readings are more practical and attuned to the capacity of the Querant.
I have just (hurriedly) set up a new web site namely
Unfortunately most of this was done by myself with the help of a few friends - a resource no where near or matching the combined resources of The Tarot Guild. I would request members of the Guild, if they deem fit, to research this entire topic. I would be happy to assist in any manner, deemed fit. In this connection, I have offered 10 sessions free of cost, but I assure you that there will be no charge provided it is used by the community as part of this research..
Warmest regards to all - it has been an honour to have joined this community - Pritam Vachani

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