Hello! My name is Nicholas! (:ย 
I have been reading tarot for a bit over a year, and have had tremendous experiences with it along the way. Between learning of myself and my path on a deeper level, as well as the world around me and events in my own life and the lives of others.

Over time, my hope is to share what I've learned with others as a Professional Tarot Reader, Writer, and Spiritual Researcher and, eventually, a Holistic Wellness Coach and Spiritual Guide.ย ย 

I'm here for growth, learning, and sharing. I look forward to seeing where this goes!ย 

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I call myself a Tarotist as I have study and worked with Tarot for 40 years. But I also farm and am a breeder of our livestock.
My first deck I bought was Tarot of the Cat People. It's still one of 2 main decks. My other main deck is Tarot of Dreams.
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