I love working with tarot, crystals, oracle cards, and rescue dogs. I am a poet, an artist, and a columnist. I love to do radio shows and art projects.

I love doing video reviews of all kinds of divination tools and decks for my youtube channel and for the Tarot Guild (check out our video section if you haven't).  Message me here if you have something coming out that I should not miss or even if you just want to chat about common interests because most of all I love talking  with other Tarot Guild peeps, 


Warning: I play a number of musical instruments badly.

Check out my  column "Unveiled with Mary Brown," a Tarot Guild exclusive, available in the "articles" section.)

Check out my youtube channel:  https://youtube.com/c/TarotDactylExperience

Mary Brown is the Vice President of the Tarot Guild & Director of Communications. She is a radio personality on the "Psychic Talk Radio Network," and has interviewed the biggest stars in Hollywood as an entertainment journalist. Her monthly column, "Unveiled ... with Mary Brown" is available exclusively on the Tarot Guild website. She is a Tarot Guild Certified Tarot Master, a Crystal Reiki Master, and is the creatrix of the upcoming "Tarot History Mystery Game."

TWITTER: @tarotdactyl
YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/c/TarotDactylExperience
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tarotdactylsnest/


To Book a Tarot reading or a Tarot Coaching session with me: 

SPECIAL OFFER FOR TG MEMBERS ONLY:   In the spirit of community I am offering private Tarot readings and Tarot Coaching at a deep discounted rate for Tarot Guild members...see the following discounted rates...this is the ONLY place I offer this huge of a discount:

30 minute Tarot reading = $45

1 hour Tarot reading= $75

2 hour Tarot Coaching (teaching) Session = $200

To Book a Reading or Coaching session, please "message me"! (button above) ....NOTE: You must be signed in to send a message. Sign in, or sign up, it's FREE!


If you are not a member of the Tarot Guild, you can

email me: mary@thetarotguild.com 

to get readings at my regular rate for non-members of 30 min=$65// 1hr=$120

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A quick visual comparison of the major arcana and court cards from 3 #Tarot de Marseille decks. 
Aug 9
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A look through The Empath's Oracle by Raven Digitalis, art by Konstantin Bax (Llewellyn 2022).
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Oddly enough, I have been painting for the last couple weeks.  Why do you all seem so shocked? You…
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A walkthrough of The Tarot Of Light And Shadow by John Matthews, illustrated by Andrea Aste…
Mar 25, 2022
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A review of The Crystal Grid Deck by Grace Duong (Running Press 2020)
Mar 19, 2022
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A walk-thru/micro-review of the Great Eastern Oracle by Rassouli (Blue Angel 2022).
Mar 15, 2022

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