Hello, stranger. Your story isn’t over.

You know where you want to go, but you’re not sure how to get there or what steps you should take. You’re working a dead-end job, but at least it pays the bills. You’re creative and resilient in the face of adversity, but even you have your limits. Recently, you decided to get help through a therapist or counselor, but now you’re wondering how to factor in spending a few hundred dollars every month into your already-tight budget.

I don’t blame you. In fact, I’ve been where you are. I’ve gone to therapy twice, and while it’s been incredibly helpful in teaching me how to recognize the negative storytelling I’m doing in my head, not a lot has seemed to stick in the long term. I broke free from my judgmental thinking through Secular Buddhism, but mindfulness and meditation helped me regulate my thoughts, not take purposeful action. It’s not wrong to have a helping hand and a listening ear in the form of a counselor or a therapist—I encourage everyone to at least try it—but I needed to learn to trust myself, develop my inner voice, and create the foundation for true growth and independence.

That’s where card readings came in and changed my life.

Tarot and oracle cards help me tap into my own higher power and inner wisdom. They keep my creativity alive by letting me see connections between seemingly disparate things. They’re my personal coach, mentor, and guide right at my fingertips. Sometimes, they offer new perspectives to old issues. Other times, they give me gentle reminders of what I’m doing right and what I could be doing better. Most importantly, they help me tell new, better stories rather than letting me repeat the tired, negative ones that I subconsciously carried around with me even after multiple therapy sessions.

I know you have it in you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and I’m ready to help you get there whether it’s through a card reading, a runic reading, or even a dice casting. What makes me different from everyone else is that I don’t just give you standard advice with a reading; I teach you how to rewrite your story and become its author.

So, what are you waiting for, stranger? I said your story wasn’t over, didn’t I? That’s because it’s only just the beginning. Get started with a three-card general reading for $15, and change your life today.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kaleiyah from Insightful Leaves.

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