• How about an "IPO"?

    Especially with like the Four of Pentacles with it...

    A "Startup".....

    • Ooh I like that... it highlights that "taking a leap" aspect of The Fool!

  • One of the wildest Fools.... too bad that the Fool didn't listen to the Little White Dog..... from AFTER TAROT by Pietro Alligo & artwork by Giulia E. Massaglia - Lo Scarabeo

    • Some really amazing artists to be discovered, but these ones r funny lol9717290080?profile=RESIZE_400x


  • 9716594098?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • I like this! Which deck is it from?

    • Wow 😲 me either... Very Cool 😎💜

    • Wow... I have never seen the Fool from that deck! That is wild! 

    • 😸

  • YES! .....I'd love to hear also, your favorite "non-traditional" meanings. Contemporary meaning! ...Modern takes! ...maybe even from your own experience of doing Readings for yourself,  friends, family, or clients!

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