• 9834466296?profile=RESIZE_930xOne of my favorite Fool cards... from The Prophetic Tarot of the Bible by Giordano Berti artwork by Severino Baraldi  

  • 9777081061?profile=RESIZE_584xOver the past few years, my perspective on The Fool/Le Mat/La Fou has changed a lot.

    This card is from the Rolla Nordic Tarot, and she considered it to be the true Magus of the Tarot. I'm beginning to see her point, in that within the Fool is the entire realm of all possibilities (she called Trump I "The Juggler", which fits well with my growing understanding of TI as misdirection.)

    As Gandalf told Frodo, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off too.” 

    Is it more foolish to leave home in Quest/Journey, and learn our lessons, or to remain there, "safe and secure" in ignorance? After all, "ignorance is bliss" as well.

  • 9754829695?profile=RESIZE_400xso, why does Waite put The Fool in between two cards?

  • For me the Fool is a blind spot card and that we need to take and honest look at ourselves and be honest to ourselves instead of looking away and pretend something does not excist. Ignoring things is not helpful and lead to bypassing what is at the heart of the issue. We don't have to be perfect, but choosing to look away is not always helpful. I also see the Fool as a new journey, so maybe this time around when embarking on this journey we can do things differently.

  • Omgosh I'm getting us ready to go and this song comes up TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF THE FOOL I hope u listen this video has the lyrics to read


  • This is part of a bigger project, gathering together a "data-base" of sorts, on the best information out there, on each Tarot Card!

  • So The Fool is some sort of shapeshifter or cosmos time traveler??? I think I am understanding that he enhances whatever card is before him, or to the left of him? What exactly does that mean? If the card before him is say, 4 of Pentacles, then what? How would it enhance any major trumps?

  • We're looking for everyone's "ideas" on the Card, plus meanings, especially "Modern" interpretations, "Contemporary" meanings, "Traditional" meanings, your favorite version of The Fool, and such....

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