• Sometimes I use spreads and sometimes I don't. I used to use the Celtic Cross a lot, but now I rarely do. Since my readings also incorporate information that comes to me psychically, If I'm going to use tarot cards in a reading, I will usually pull, 1, 3, or 5 tarot cards and read them from left to right in a PPF type of layout with additional cards that reveal hidden influences, advice, etc. and a likely outcome. I also pull an angel card or two and some various oracle cards as well if I feel drawn to do so.

  •   My go to is the Celtic Cross, I Don't mess around with other spreads.

  • Thanks Akasha ...I do both. I use positions sometimes, and others times a "free-flowing" Reading. Often I am combining the two, as well. 

  • I don't care about placement so much as meaning of the card pull,  like first card is a, second card is b... however I'm starting to learn about houses, so that may change. 

    I'm definitely no emperor, though.  I'm more of a free  spirit

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