• The cards I draw are almost never a Y/N option but instead the cards drawn in the order with subsets of the main question, I find, give meaningful insights / suggestions

  • The other spread I commonly use is the 5 card Diamond given in the Osho Zen Tarot pack. Ths 1st is the Issue, the 2nd is the internal influence which the Querant may not be aware of (but which the Tarot discloses); the third are external influences which the Querant may be aware of; the 4th is the road map (what is needed for resolution) and the 5th is the outcome or Resolution. The 1st and 3rd are drawn by the dominant hand while the rest are drawn by the non-dominant hand

  • I make my own spreads, assigning questions (sub-sets pertaining to the same question) to each card to be drawn, dwelling on the sub-set while drawing. I recently did a 6-card draw on the current coronavirus scenario. My three subsets (two cards each) related to the Present, Intermediate (up to one year) and the Final Outcome

  • That largely depends on the querant and the question. everal years ago, I made a modification to the celtic Cross, turning it into a "wheel" or "shield" (origially due to the aera avaiable while I was doing a reading.) The card positions have remained largely the same as the standard CC, although I at times will pull clarification cards for any and all of them.


  • My go to is a personalized version of the Celtic Cross. Often, though, I also draw additional cards for further explanation in a more free flowing way. And when I'm not using the CC I'm usually laying out 3 cards at a time in a free flowing way until the story is told.

  • I use free flow....don’t like the cards locked into a position/meaning...

  • I do use a positional spread most of the own 5 position layered spread is my go to...but I do love doing the old GD Opening of the Key Spread just to stay in practice and I like some others as well. The only time I do free flow no positional readings is when I'm communicating with other realms.

  • Sometimes I use spreads and sometimes I don't. I used to use the Celtic Cross a lot, but now I rarely do. Since my readings also incorporate information that comes to me psychically, If I'm going to use tarot cards in a reading, I will usually pull, 1, 3, or 5 tarot cards and read them from left to right in a PPF type of layout with additional cards that reveal hidden influences, advice, etc. and a likely outcome. I also pull an angel card or two and some various oracle cards as well if I feel drawn to do so.

  •   My go to is the Celtic Cross, I Don't mess around with other spreads.

  • Thanks Akasha ...I do both. I use positions sometimes, and others times a "free-flowing" Reading. Often I am combining the two, as well. 

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