• For an initial reading I use a positional cross spread.  One axis is a conscious line of awareness and the intersecting axis is of a subconscious line awareness.  Additional cards are added to the positions for clarification as needed.

  • I've been reading specific spreads almost exclusively until recently. Lately I started pulling out 1 card at a time during the flow of the conversation, kind of inviting insight into the discussion.

  • I do use positions (loosly).  This past weekend, I read at a psychic fair local to me.  I used the cross as shown above, but "assigned" a different value. 

    I call it my self- reflection tarot spread  what do you think?



    • I like this elemental spread!

  • That largely depends on the querant and the question. everal years ago, I made a modification to the celtic Cross, turning it into a "wheel" or "shield" (origially due to the aera avaiable while I was doing a reading.) The card positions have remained largely the same as the standard CC, although I at times will pull clarification cards for any and all of them.


  • My go to is a personalized version of the Celtic Cross. Often, though, I also draw additional cards for further explanation in a more free flowing way. And when I'm not using the CC I'm usually laying out 3 cards at a time in a free flowing way until the story is told.

  • I use free flow....don’t like the cards locked into a position/meaning...

  • I do use a positional spread most of the own 5 position layered spread is my go to...but I do love doing the old GD Opening of the Key Spread just to stay in practice and I like some others as well. The only time I do free flow no positional readings is when I'm communicating with other realms.

  • Sometimes I use spreads and sometimes I don't. I used to use the Celtic Cross a lot, but now I rarely do. Since my readings also incorporate information that comes to me psychically, If I'm going to use tarot cards in a reading, I will usually pull, 1, 3, or 5 tarot cards and read them from left to right in a PPF type of layout with additional cards that reveal hidden influences, advice, etc. and a likely outcome. I also pull an angel card or two and some various oracle cards as well if I feel drawn to do so.

  •   My go to is the Celtic Cross, I Don't mess around with other spreads.

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