• I only use reversal as an indication of a lesser or non primary impact on a reading.

  • Why settle for 78 interpretations to explain the complexity of our consultants' lives ?

    We can have 156 with the same tarot deck, which allows us to double the analyses, nuances and subtleties of our card readings. Personally, I have never adhered to the system :

    • Right Card = Positive
    • Inverted Card = Negative

    Taking out a Reversed card, in my experience, normally tells me to interpret that card more carefully because its message is likely more important than that same card but in the Upright position.

    Then it's all about personal feelings.

    So, I vote for the use of reversed cards ;-)

    Excuse my English (from France)

  • I do use reversals and I'll admit, they were definitely more difficult to learn because they have so many more ways of expressing themselves. During a reading, I follow my intuition and the question asked and decipher a reversal multiple ways: a more extreme of the upright, less of the upright, a delay of the upright, or the complete opposite. I also read the overall number of reversals vs the number of uprights to decipher if there is an imbalance in the situation. Reversals are so much more than "negative" or "bad news". I've gotten very positive messages from reversed cards and find them to be an invaluable asset to reading. 

  • For me, the deck already has many messages covering all energetic life experiences, so reversal is not necessary.  Plus, I don't want to freak out others with a bunch of upside down cards, making them feel nothing but doom and gloom on potentialities.  The messages will come through without reversals, imo. :)

  • I always interpret them as the opposite of what the card intended for it to mean. For example: "the devil" reversed, means no I'll intent or power over the situation. The messenger in reverse, I read as "has no message or will not contact." The lady in reverse, I read as, "the lady is present in the readings question, however is having the opposite position in action of whatever the client is asking". 


    When you flip a reversal card, theres power in that. Or sometimes I read the reversals in reverse, as if a guide is telling me something, but it shows up backwards to us, as if it's a reading for us within a reading to help guide us in our inspirational speech for a client, to influence fortune.  And that's when a change of fate may happen,  or could happen. But one can never fully run away from their meant to be future. Tarot is but a tool, not a definite answer. 

  • I feel like you miss half the things a tarot deck can tell you if you ignore reversed cards.  Why would you close your eyes to a warning?

  • Reversals are part of the story and mean many different things in many different ways and aren't always's part of just letting the natural flow happen, no need to correct what's been done! Only learn and move forward...this is how I read, for now 🥰

  • I usually reset my deck. I clear both mine and querants energy with crystal selections based on intuition, aura, environment, and body language, etc.

    Recently I had a critically I'll child, hundreds of miles away in an ICU. During this crisis, I experienced something I have never seen before. I felt that a single card would best keep all parties informed. Over the course of three days, I pulled the Moon. On the fourth day, I finally pulled the reversed Moon! I have never pulled the identical card four times in a row, nor do I have an Advisor that has.

    I feel strongly about using reversals, and their messages.

    The child is recovering though an underlying cause has never been determined, but I still am overwhelmed at the Beautiful experience. 

  • I do, and I don't. I typically "reset" my decks to all upright when I'm through reading, and when I shuffle, there are not *usually* any reversed cards. But sometimes ... when that happens, I use the reversal and take it as "look at this from another point of view" or "there's more here than what appears at first look".

    Also, if cards fall out while shuffling or laying out, I pay close attention to those as well.

  • I must admit I don't use reversals. Since my readings are intuitive rather than based on the LWB meanings I can tell if the interpretation is less favourable so I don't need to mix the cards up. Plus back when I was learning (all those years ago, lol) I never liked the idea that if one querent reversed some of the cards but the next three didn't, those cards would still be reversed. Or was I supposed so go through the deck after every reading and meticulously turn them all the right way round? That sounded like too much hard work; much easier to trust my intuition.

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