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    • Another reading today, and what a reading it is!

      These are quite some cards to start of in the morning with. But there is a reason this deck called out to me. The 7 of wands is about confronting the shadow. I have been doing that for a long time. We are out own worse enemie at times. I live a very quiet life. My life with covid is the same as if there was no covid. When you decide to choose yourself and cut off all the unhealthy friendships you have, it is quite possible you end up alone, as it did in my case.While it was the right decision to do, new friendships are hard to come by. And lets be honest here. It is hard to be alone all the time. Worth it, but it comes with a heavy price. My shadow is rising because I realise, now that there is more freedom, there are not many people in my life. I don't by any means feel sorry for myself but we all need friends and people we connect with don't we? Then we get to the Hierophant, the archetype of the teacher. Since I have been working with tarot, I have been looking for a community to connect with, so I have joined some forums and FB groups hoping to find some connections there. I realise now, I have been looking for a teacher or mentor, but I know I don't do well with organized, structered teachings, and although there are very good teachers out there within the tarot community, my learning comes from the books I am reading and the videos. I don't belong in a group because it is mainstream spirituality and that is not my path. In the 3 of swords, a spiderweb is holding the heart. Most of use, when we hurt, we close ourselves off from the world or others close to us. This card is a lesson to, despite the pain, to let the light in. There is beauty in pain, there is beauty in love.To life with an open heart hurts. But what choice do you have really? The only way to live is through the pain, not around it, and this means not falling trap being positive all the time or trying to help others all the time, and not working on yourself. A trap many spiritual healers out there have falling into.


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