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  • I do and I don't. Generally, I'm just pulling cards and relaying th story they tell me. Sometimes, they tell me to use a specific layout, so I do then. as an aid to narrowing down aspects of what the cards are saying.

  • for now I use 3 cards and there's other methods I've discovered for pulling an extra card to further solidify and give more insight for the client, the extra card is super helpful! I just discovered this new method and love it and will be using it depending on reading as it is centered on the clients Life Path or other numerology numbers

  • In the books I have read, it was all recommended to use spreads and on the forums and FB groups as well. Gradually I am doing less and less spreads and just lay out the cards, usually 3, and read the story.  I am still finding my way and what works for me.

  • I don't always use a spread.. The occasion I find a spread beneficial  is when my client is scattered. The ritual of a spread helps the client settle and we hone in on specifics quickly. Otherwise I go with what I feel. 

  • I do use spreads but tend to veer away from the spreads found in books. For me, I tend to use my own spreads. If however, I have a very specific question and a prescribed spread works, I will use it.

  • This is a great question! I don't use spreads. However, I will usually pull 4... more for my client, not for my need. 


  • I do both but lately I don't use a Spread They will tell me exactly what I need to say.... and know

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