• One of my favorite Spreads, that I use ALL the time, is a 5-Card Spread I learned from Susyn Blair-Hunt, author of Tarot Prediction & Divination. It's actually a YES/NO Spread. I use it on our Radio Shows, for Mini-Readings with the Callers. It's a very versatile spread, as most Yes/No spreads typically use one to three cards. This one has 5 cards, so there's a lot more information available, than just a simple Yes or No

    Check out my article explaining the spread in detail: The Little Spread That Could


  • I have a 5-15 card spread that is my "go to" spread. For quick readings, I just use 5 cards ... For longer readings3713182405?profile=RESIZE_930x I add 2 layers of cards to it. 

    • I'd love more details on these, if the placement has specific meanings

    • Hi Akasha! ....I added a LINK (above) to an article, where I describe the spread in detail - if you haven't seen the article yet, you'll find that here: The Little Spread That Could

      The Little Spread That Could!
        I learned this wonderful little Spread from Susyn Blair-Hunt's book: "Tarot Prediction & Divination", when I interviewed her on our "Tarot Today R…
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