• Awesome 😎👍

      Can't wait to see you as the "Queen 👑 if Wands"! 😘

  • I don't have any of Ciro's decks -- yet. But oh, my ... SHINY!

  • I have been very fond of the Albano-Waite-Smith deck for several decades - since first finding it back around 1973. I've owned  several copies, both the standard size and the formerly available "mini Albano", which is apparently no longer offered through US Games, much to my sadness -- I recently discovered that my original copy of that deck has been water damaged, and it's irreplaceable now.

    The other deck I use most often is the one I taught myself how to read back in the late 1960s, the 1JJ Muller Swiss deck (a TdM variant).

    A few years ago, I became acquainted with the Visconti decks, and they are a current passion, most recently, the Lo Scarabeo Sola Busca version, which I find utterly intriguing.

  • I'm a fan of Ciro's decks too! My favorite, though, is Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati. I do collect decks that I love, but I use Illuminati exclusively. For years I used the Ellen Cannon Reed Witches Tarot, and it was my favorite for a long time. It just doesn't resonate with me like it once did, though, and I've just been in love with Tarot Illuminati since its release!

    • Ellen's deck is a good one for many folk (I knew her when I lived in California). She made some ... leaps ... in her symbolic choices, in my opinion, that differ from some more traditional Qabalistic concerns to more closely match her books The Witches' Qabalah and The Witches Tarot.

    • I did read The Witches' Qabalah, but I never really got a good grasp on the Qabala. I did get some very good readings with the deck, though, simply by reading the imagery on the cards. :)


  • I think, for my next Deck, I want the Tarot Grand Luxe, by Cir Marchetti. 

    Maybe Santa will bring it for Christmas! 



    •  have De Grand De Luxe, it's fabulous!

  • My passion is collecting and studying different decks .........but lately I do most of my readings from the Sharman -Caselli deck. (There is also a really great app for it too.) It is a RWS clone but the artwork I believe reflects what Pamela Colman Smith would have probly done if she would have had access to today's technology. I also love that the Suit of Wands has little flames instead of leaves coming out of the wands.



  • I use Universal Waite a lot, but I love my Ciro Marchetti Decks .....especially Legacy of the Divine!


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