• I am currently enjoying my own deck, which I recently launched !



  • Currently enjoying a few different decks; Steampunk Tarot, Tarot  in Wonderland and Tarot of Ohm.  But I'm with Dax Carlisle, CTM, CCH   I love my Radient RW deck for readings!

    • Awesome Adrianne! 👍 and thanks for sharing! 🎉 

  • My favorite game is: mine ;-)

    "Les Arcanes d'Arianne .G"

    10489167666?profile=RESIZE_930xDifficult to be more in harmony than with a Tarot Decks that comes out of our imagination, our inner self, our choices, our preferences, our little details.

    Here is an overview of the Major Arcana.

    To avoid requests, it is not for sale and that is all its strength, I created it for myself.

    Afterwards, I am a user and fan of the "Golden Thread Tarots" by Labyrinthos and it is a pleasure to see it in the background as soon as I come here.

    Arianne .G

  • My favorite deck is the Golden Thread Tarot Deck. It's a gold foil black matte deck. I like it because there are no colors to distract from the true message of the cards.


  • Right now I am totally mesmerized by Sasha Grahams deck Dark Wood Tarot so this is my main deck to go lately. The Druidcraft deck is another one of my favourite. And my first deck The Light Seer is my first I strive not to buy anymore decks though but work with deck until I am ready for another.

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    • 😎👍💕 oh nice 😊 !! Well anything my Ciro Marchetti I love! 

  • Hmm, let me think...That would be the Steele Wizard. I started with a homemade deck once the art was finished and scanned it into my new shiny computer (I was just learning to use) in 2000. Printing was fun because I had to use 2 sheets of photo paper and glue the backs onto the cards watching the sizing and keeping them lined up. That meant for the next few years I did all of my readings with a glue stick handy in case my cards started falling apart.

    I finally sold my house in 2004 and financed the first edition that finally got to my door in July of 2007. Finding a printer was almost as challenging as creating a deck back then. But anyway, there are currently 2 editions out which means I haven't needed a glue stick in over 14 years. And I'm signing a contract with Schiffer to print the 3rd edition with a new, expanded companion book. 

    Looks like I'll be sticking with this deck for a while. I do use the Wizard's Pets Tarot when I'm reading for young people or for those who are totally freaked out by tarot. They're a great ice-breaker. And I have a few other decks by other creators that I use for personal study. Mostly, I am drawn to Erik's Tarot Illuminati, Benebell's SKT (I'm currently waiting on the 3rd edition to do a comparison study), and the Runic Tarot by Jack and Allen is coming out in a few weeks...I'm super excited about that one. And not just because I'm the "Queen of Wands" in that deck. LOL!!!

    • Awesome 😎👍

      Can't wait to see you as the "Queen 👑 if Wands"! 😘

  • I am not a deck collector, so I don't have many. The two I am using the most are Light Seer Deck by Criss-Anne and the Druidcraft deck by Phillip Carr-Gomm. Another deck that I am waiting to get is the Darkwood tarot deck by Sasha Graham and Abigail Larson.

    Abigail Larson
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