• my favourite tarot book is a tarot book by sasha fenton its the best tarot book ive found so far!


  • The book of thoth is pretty indispensable, tho I don't know if I'd see it as so without as much time spent with books like 78 degrees of wisdom (a classic) initially. I like dusty whites workbook as well. 

  • This is a hard one, I tend to change deck every now and again to change my view and refresh myself. I seriously enjoy Marchetti decks and The Guilded Tarot Royal is a constant. I also have a small holographic Witches Tarot and that is rather lovely. I have a few other decks around but keep coming back to those two. Another one that I seldom use but can bring forth a nice reading is the Mythic deck. 

  • I began my study ages ago with Eden Gray's three books - 
    Tarot Revealed: A Modern Guide to Reading the Tarot Cards. Inspiration House, New York, 1960. reprinted, Signet Books 1969
    A Complete Guide to the Tarot. Bantam Books and Crown Publishers, New York, 1970
    Mastering the Tarot: Basic Lessons in an Ancient, Mystic Art. Crown Publishers, New York, 1971

    She wrote another, which I have never found, called Recognition: Themes on Inner Perception, Inspiration House, 1969

    But those three, nearly 50 years down the road, do remain my favorites. If I recall correctly(which is often questionable), she also was the one who coined the descriptor of "The Fool's Journey".

    Paul Huson's "The Devil's Picturebook" is also a long-time favorit, which I believe he has revised and expanded into his more recent volume, Mystical Origins of the Tarot: From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage. I recently purchased his "Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot: A Pictorial Key" book and deck, but have yet to begin it.

  • I didn't learn so much from books as I did from a live teacher. I'm only now (after 24 years) going back and doing my proper book study. I'm currently reading 3 books. 78 Degrees of Wisdom, The Mystical Tarot by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and The Complete Guide to Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens. So far I'm finding the last one to be most beneficial.

  • I have never heard of either of those.  I don't really have a fave as I learned from an intuitive reader and am only now learning the specifics

    Im currently attempting to read the duo by Dusty White. 

  • I have a lot of books too .........but if I was to recommend just one..........I would pick "Complete Book of Tarot" by Cassandra Eason......It's published in the UK but you can order through Amazon Uk


  • I have a lot of favorite tarot books, but picking just one, I have to say, "The Soul's Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot" by James Ricklef. It just really spoke to me when it first came out and still does. 

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