Victoria Sophie Adrestia Skøtt, from the Tarot Guild Facebook Group, had an awesome question! This deserved a more detailed answer than I could give in the "comments" on The Facebook Post, so I decided to write an article:

 Victoria's Post:

Hi everyone! 🎀💓💖🌷 What does 10 of swords clarified by 3 of cups mean? I did a “you, me and us” reading on my partner and I. The card pulled for him was “4 of Swords”, the card pulled for me was “The Hierophant”. The card for our shared energy was “Knight of Wands”. I see this as a magnetic attraction between us, bringing out the best qualities in one another and the enjoyment of spending time together + a deeper love coming. I pulled “10 of Swords” as a action/advice card. I was very confused by it since we are happy together, so I pulled “3 of cups” to clarify but I’m left just as confused. Maybe something like; remember  communicating if you don’t want a definite end to this? I’m very new to tarot, so some help and wisdom would be greatly appreciated! 💓

(You can see the Cards on the Image, below:) ....You see this all the time, on Tarot and Psychic groups on Facebook. Someone does a Reading for themselves, and asks for help in interpreting the cards. This is a fun exercise and a great way for everyone to learn! ⁠💜

It's interesting to see how other Readers interpret the Cards, often quite differently too! So it's an opportunity to learn new interpretations of individual Cards, as well as in combination with others, for a specific person, with a specific Question....

Now that all said, in reality, it is very difficult to interpret someone else's Reading! This is why you see such varied ideas. It's very different to sit down with a client, or on a video conference/phone call, and pull Cards for them!

In this case, as an example, Victoria pulled these Cards for Her Reading - Question(s). The Deck was responding to Victoria's subconscious, as I see it. So what is important is what Victoria sees in the Cards!  😎💜

Another Member recently posted a Reading, with her interpretation, and another (now banned) member basically said "NO! ...You got it all wrong ....It means THIS!" ⁠😡⁠ Like it could only mean ONE thing, and HIS interpretation was the only correct one...

I "nicely" commented that I thought what the member who posted "saw in the Cards" was perfectly plausible to me, and the commenting member got hostile and aggressive, thus why he is now an "EX-member" ⁠😉⁠...

If you are ever told "THIS is what it means", or "It can only have one meaning", when someone is commenting on another person's Reading.... RUN! ...Don't walk ...AWAY!

Victoria, I think your interpretation is just fine! This is what you "saw in the Cards". Now, a lot of us find it difficult to be objective, when Reading for ourselves. I don't tell people to not pull Cards for themselves - I do, after all - but I will often have another Reader pull Cards for me as well...

Like getting a "second opinion" on a medical diagnosis! ....But I rarely ask anyone to interpret MY cards. I have them perform their own Reading, separately, and compare....

That all said, here's some thoughts: I don't know how you "laid out" the cards, and that's important, but this is what my intuition told me to do, as far as laying them out (see the image below:) ....So take whatever I say with a grain of salt! ...LOL ⁠😆💜😎

The Hierophant, as you, could be indicating you are "traditional" as far as it comes to relationships. ⁠Tarot is multilayered, so it could also indicate, as you put it, "a deeper love coming". The Hierophant shows up sometimes when a more "formal arrangement" is likely to happen (marriage, civil union, etc.)...

I agree with your thoughts on the "Shared Energy" as well. Wands are Passion after all! Notice the Knight is headed away from you, to him! Hmmm... It could mean the passion is stronger on your side?

Him, as the Four of Swords, could mean - in his own mind - he's taking a step back. It could also simply mean he's "re-charging", "healing" from something, or has his thoughts (swords) elsewhere (which you may be unaware of), focused on work, etc., etc....

Now, the Ten of Swords showing up in a Relationship Reading is usually a clear "Ending"! You said "...since we're happy together", you got a bit confused. So I am glad you pulled a Card for clarification, the Three of Cups, celebration! ...This was the right move! ⁠👍💜

This is why surrounding Cards and positioning are so important. The Ten of Swords CAN mean the "End of a Cycle", a relationship or friendship coming to an end, job loss, getting fired, and so forth.... BUT, in the Waite/Smith version of the Card, a "New Day" is dawning in the background!

The Ten of Swords is also a Card of Transformation, Change, one door closing and another opening! ...Your relationship could be moving into a "New Phase"!

The Three of Cups can have many meanings here, but it is CLEARLY a positive one! It could indicate BIG celebrations in the offing for you two! ⁠😉💜⁠ ....It could also mean to not be in a rush to move things along, but rather to "stop and smell the roses" along the way.

Have FUN together! Enjoy what you have! Making sure to include many exciting social events, to cement the relationship! ...It could also indicate support from girl friends, female family members, helping you along the way!

I hope this helped you out Victoria! ...Remember, as I said, "take anything I said with a grain of salt" - I wasn't present for your actual Reading! ....And everyone else, thanks for reading this, and I hope you got something out of it!

Bright Blessings,
~ Dax


Dax is the Founder & President of The Tarot Guild (Now in Our *19th Year!), and the creator of the Tarot by The Numbers™ Course! He's is also the Co-Host of the "Tarot Today LIVE!" Video Stream & Psychic Talk Radio Simulcast, with Mary Brown - Airing Saturdays! ...Over the past 30+ years, Dax has helped literally tens of thousands of Clients as a Tarot Advisor, Numerologist, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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