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 I remember the moment I first saw the In Dreams Oracle deck by Boris Indrikov.  The cover art on the box caught my eye and I got a chill on the back of my neck.  I immediately opened the box and what I saw inside took my breath away.  Beautiful image after beautiful image, unlike anything I'd ever seen in an oracle deck, was revealed as I flipped through the cards.  I couldn't stop looking at it. 
I showed it to my husband who couldn't put it down.  In fact, over the course of the next month or so, it seems he couldn't stop picking it up either.  Every time I went to my shelf to get the deck to review it, it was not where I had put it.  Instead it was in close proximity to the aforementioned husband.  This was not hubby's usual behavior by any means.  This is a man who shows little to no interest in any of the decks on my shelves.  But, there is something extraordinary about the In Dreams Oracle that goes beyond the fact that it contains such stunning artwork.
I have been working with the deck for months now.  I have come to the conclusion that there is something inherently mystical about this deck.  Coincidences, which many of us tarot folks love to refer to as synchronicities, have occured so frequently when I pull a card from this deck that I am at a loss to explain exactly what is happening. But, whatever it is, it endlessly delights me.
So, I had to wonder about its creator:  exactly who would create such an amazing deck? 
What I discovered was that the author/artist behind the In Dreams Oracle was even more remarkable than his creation.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know Boris Indrikov!  His is a rare talent.  Whether he is working in paint, fabric, or another medium, there is an originality and depth to his work that not only feels inspired, but that has the ability to inspire.
I am so thrilled that he agreed to take some time away from making his gorgeous creations in order to do this interview so that you can get to know him a little better too.
MB:  How is the experience of creating a painting different for you than the other mediums you work in?
BIIn all areas related to creativity, it is one and the same approach.  The basis of the Universe is fractality, when a part is similar to the whole.  The same is in creativity.  When you create something, you become similar to that Power-Energy that created the Universe.  Why are you doing it?  No answer.  You can't help but do it.  You don't have to paint - don't paint.  You don't have to make a movie - don't shoot.  But if you cannot but create... CREATE and do not be afraid to spend your whole Life on it.  Time doesn't matter.
Usually I do three works per year. I understand that such a pace of work is not compatible with the speed and fluidity of the modern world.  But there is nothng to do... In the words of Antoni Gaudí: "My client is in no hurry. God has all the time in the world."  I agree with him.
MB:  In our chats, you and I have discussed the concept that Art is the Language of God... i really feel that there is truth to that.   But, here is where I get a little unsure... what then does that make the artists?  And, it seems to me it may not always be obvious to the artists themselves that they are working in that divine language... What are your thoughts about all this?
BITo draw or not to draw is like Hamlet's question - to be or not to be.  If you paint for money or just to be trendy,  you will see it immediately... and it's terribly boring.  Or, you want to be different from someone else just to be different.  And here, oops-- you see hundreds of thousands of the same "dissimilar" identical "others."  In the end, it all comes down to Erich Fromm's question - "To Have or To Be."  You just have to be honest with yourself.
MB:  You created your own divination system for your In Dreams Oracle deck.  For many people that can be difficult to do.  What was the challenge for you in creating it and was there an "aha!" moment where you realized that it really worked as a method of divination? 
BIYes, there was an "aha!" moment!  For a long time I laid out the cards according to colors and natural elements.  I selected images for certain categories of human-reality interaction. There were not enough vertical pictures.  I had to frame 5 horizontal images and make them vertical.  And so I printed out the general scheme and began to move the cards along it.  I swapped cards in places, transferred, replaced, then left, came back.  It looked like witchcraft.  I could not stop the process in any way.  And suddenly a click in the head - EVERYTHING!  Here.  Like a crystal that sparkled with all its facets.  Neither add nor subtract. The last quote for the deck (and hundreds of them were selected!) fell into place, and the puzzle was formed. There it was - the Oracle IN DREAMS!
MB:  In what ways does your intuition guide you in your work?
BIMy painting process goes something like this: first I create a random texture on canvas using special technology.  After this I read the canvas, looking for shapes and/or patterns.  So these images will be the foundation of the future painting.
This is similar to the meditation process. But instead of sitting with my eyes closed in the lotus position, anywhere on the top of the mountain, I am in front of the canvas.  I scan the surface of the material for natural changes and random patterns that occur on the canvas surface and transform them into the harmony of lines.  The outcome of this is always unknown, an adventure that's intriguing and exciting!
***Boris made a video of his process that can be seen by going to this link:
MB:  Is there a work of art that made a big impact on you?
BII'm inspired more by trends in art than by a specific picture.  Such as Japanese theater woodcut which is called ukiyo-e, the Egyptian bas-reliefs and sculptures, modernist art style and Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, surrealism - from Bosch to Salvador Dali, Australian Aborigines Art, and more.
MB:  If you could time-travel back to the younger version of yourself...what piece of advice would you give to yourself? What do you know now, that you wish you had known then?
BIEvents of Life, experience and knowledge are such stones that are stacked on top of each other and a pyramid of these stones grows upward. Giving advice to an early version of yourself means pulling out a rock from somewhere below the pyramid and moving it up. It's impossible. The pyramid will collapse.
MB:  If you could talk to any artist from history... who would it be and why?
BI Of course it would be Leonardo Da Vinci. I wouldn't ask any questions. I want to stand silently behind him and watch him work. For example, see how he paints using the sfumato technique.
MB:  The art in your "In Dreams Oracle"... is unlike anything I have seen in an oracle deck...where do these wonderful characters and creatures come from?  Do they live in your imagination or in your dreams or do they come from somewhere else?
BI A picture for me is a door into the parallel world.  That is a world where all things are different.  There are other laws, other lines and shapes.  This is my world.  Maybe I came from there and I will come back.
Sometimes I have dreams about something greater than just a dream.  But, I never know what the next picture will be.  Everything is created immediately on the canvas.  I don’t make any preliminary sketches.  All appears Here and Now.  This is the meaning and attractiveness of the creative process to me.

MB:  Like many others, I find your work beautiful and inspiring.  What inspires you?
BII'm the "Catcher of the Lines."  I experience physical pleasure when I draw or see a beautiful and harmonious line.  And it's not a joke.  Beauty inspires me.  Beauty as Infinity in its final form.

MB:  Now that you have done your first oracle deck... Do you think you will create another?  If not, what is next for you?
BIThe Oracle deck is just an excuse to get acquainted with my work.  The IN DREAMS deck features paintings that I have created over the last 20 years of my life, and it is unlikely that another deck will appear.  Maybe I'll just release an album.  What's next?  Further - the priming of the canvases and the emergence of new images and plots.
 I look forward to experiencing whatever you create next, Boris!
Tarot on!
In Dreams Oracle by Boris Indrikov is available on the US Games Inc. website:
To see more of Boris' art, go to his website: https://www.indrikov.com
 To see Boris' fabrics (you have to see his scarves!) go here:  https://www.indrikov.com/indrik-fabric/
To watch my walk thru and review of the In Dreams Oracle, go here: https://thetarotguild.com/videos/in-dreams-oracle
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