The Unicorn Spread

The Unicorn Spread

I was digging through some old spreads I created back in the day. Here's my Unicorn Spread. Would love to hear back from anyone who decides to give it a try! The deck used in the photo is the "Crystal Unicorn Tarot" by Pamela Chen.

Here are what the positions of the cards represent:
Card 1 - Left Leg - You
Card 2 - Right Leg - The Situation
Card 3 - The Rump - Root of the Problem (Root Chakra area)
Card 4 - The Groin - Present Energies Affecting the Situation (Sacral Chakra area)
Card 5 - The Belly - Your Source of Strength/How you are handling the situation (Solar Plexus area)
Card 6 - The Chest - Energy of Emotions affecting situation (Heart Chakra)
Card 7 - The Neck -- What Needs to be Expressed (Throat Chakra)
Card 8 - The Head - Thoughts and mental energy affecting situation
Card 9 - The Face (Slightly Below the head and to the right) - What can't be avoided/or must be faced
Card 10 - The Base of the Horn -Outgrowth of Situation/Outcome/How you can Grow Out of this Situation
Card 11 - Tip of Horn - Magical Cure/What will Benefit You in This Situation

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  • LOL. Always with the Unicorns! ;)

    Love you, dear Mary.

    • Yes of course unicorns!!! :) Love you too Cedar!!!...just now seeing the comment like only 2 years later lol

    • Perfect timing. Been thinking about you. Let's catch up soon! ♥️

    • "Synchronicity" my friend! Yes, let's! 

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