The Fortune Teller & The Little White Dog by Sharonah Rapseik

The Fortune Teller & The Little White Dog by Sharonah Rapseik

December 7, 2021 - "I am a Fortune Teller"


There is a conversation that always surfaces when I meet people and tell them what I do. It revolves around the topic of why a "regular" woman like me would dare to say that they are a Cartomancer or Fortune Teller. People are so curious. They want to know if I get paid for it and how long have I been doing it. The honest truth is I have been doing it and getting paid for it since I was 5 years old.

It all began at a Halloween party long ago that my parents hosted. I remember it all so very well.  My Mom dressed me up in a long skirt, velvet patchwork vest adorned with jingling gold coins, and topped it off with a paisley kerchief and huge hoop clip-on earrings. And off I went to meet the adults as this was not a children’s party!

A lovely woman called me over, I remember that her costume was a grownup version of mine. She reached into her pocket and handed me a very ancient looking deck of playing cards. She said “Here is something to add to your costume.”

 I must have made a puzzled face. She replied, “You are a fortune teller and you use these to tell fortunes.”

She shuffled the deck and fanned out the cards and asked me to pick one.

She flipped the card and I came face to face with the Ace of Diamonds.

She explained that “The card is red so the answer is 'yes' and look the card is diamonds. You will make a lot money in your lifetime reading the cards.”

I smiled as I loved that she spoke to me like an adult. She continued by saying, “let me show you how... I know that you will catch on fast.

”A red card is YES.”

“A black card is No.”

“Diamonds are Money.”

“Hearts are Love.”

“Spades are Pain and Troubles.”

"Clubs are Work."

I took a look at the cards fanned out in front of me and she continued “You know your numbers.”

I nodded yes.

“Ones are Beginnings.”

“Tens are Endings.”

“The numbers mark a mountain to climb.”

“Getting from #1 to #5 is when you reach the top of the mountain.”

“You go from #6 to #10 to reach the end.”

“The numbers give you clues as to whether you are reaching the end or sliding backward on your climb or journey.”

“It’s very simple. You are young but wise beyond your years.”

“I know that you understand.”

I nodded yes.

That magical evening, side by side, she and I went up to my parents' guests and read the cards. She taught me to always say, “How do you thank your Fortune Teller.” Each one of the guests would hand me money. When it was time for my bedtime and I had to leave the grownups' party, that mysterious lady gave me her cards as a gift and told me to keep the money.

She then said, “Keep studying these cards and you will always have money, and you will never go hungry.”

I never saw her again, but I remember everything that she taught me that long ago Halloween evening. Those cards became my constant companion. I remember putting them under my pillow and drifting off to sleep as I ran their numbers, suits, and colors in my head.

And so, my dear friends, I study Cartomancy which is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards. I offer my services using playing cards, oracle decks, and the Tarot which is an advanced system of 78 cards.

I call myself a Fortune Teller.

I don’t predict futures. Instead, I help people change their lives by discovering something.

Please lean in a little closer and I will TELL you a BIG secret -- your fortune is your treasure within, you and your ‘Higher Self” create your future.

That’s what I do... I am a fortune teller!

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Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer, Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

She is also the creator of The Boho Pixie Tarot.

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