The Court Cards by Sharonah Rapseik

The Court Cards by Sharonah Rapseik

The Court Cards by Sharonah Rapseik


Long, long time ago, when I was just a little girl, I discovered that by holding a deck of ordinary 52 playing cards I could connect with “something”. That thing, my mother explained to me was “talking with the Angels”. I loved doing it.

I loved sleeping with my cards under my pillow, talking with the Angels, and telling fortunes for my little friends, grown ups, dolls and teddy bear collection. I was especially intrigued by the cards with the images of the Jacks, Queens, and Kings or what I later would learn are the Court Cards.

I remember telling my Mom that I wanted to know more. So after a while, she took me to Leary’s Bookstore, a former landmark in downtown Philadelphia. It’s long gone now but it was once known as the oldest bookstore in the United States. It didn’t sell new books, only old ones that were castoffs from private collections and public libraries. 

When arrived there, we spoke to a bespectacled lady standing behind a counter. She pulled out a huge dusty ledger and consulted it. Then we waited as she went into the back of the store and returned a few minutes later with a little old book dated 1868. Its title was Madame Le Normand’s Unerring Fortune Teller - Oracle of Human Destiny. She sold it to me for $1.

On the bus ride home, I flipped through its yellowed pages. I knew it that I held in my hands, a few answers to some of my questions. This little book was an introduction to many mysterious things including the Court Cards and of course Fortune Telling.I discovered that there were 4 Elements and each Suit was one of the four Elements in a Wheel with 12 spokes called the Astrological Zodiac.

The Clubs are all Fire signs.

   The Queen is Cardinal/Fire - Aries. 

   The King is Fixed/Fire - Leo. 

   The Jack is Mutable/Fire - Sagittarius. 

The Cups are all Water signs. 

   The Queen is Cardinal/Water - Cancer.

   The King is Fixed/Water - Scorpio. 

   The Jack is Mutable/Water - Pisces.

The Spades are all Air signs. 

   The Queen is Cardinal/Air - Libra. 

   The King is Fixed/Air - Aquarius. 

   The Jack is Mutable/Air - Gemini

The Diamonds are all Earth signs. 

   The Queen is Cardinal/Earth - Capricorn.

   The King is Fixed/Earth - Taurus.

   The Jack is Mutable/Earth - Pisces.


Some years later when I became a teenager and discovered the 78 card Tarot deck I was able to still use this technique. I continue to use it today. Allow me to share.

What I particularly like is that this system is not “Gender Specific”.

The Kings are the “Fixed” signs. Kings want to be recognized as the mature leaders of their Elemental suit and the final expression of it. Kings know what they can do and what they need to do to accomplish it. Kings represent not just actual people, they can also represent the energy of their suit. 

   If a King appears in a reading, you should take their advice.

The Queens are the “Cardinal” signs. Queens are healers, teachers, cheerleaders and role models. They want to be recognized for their particular expertise in their Elemental suit. Like Kings, Queens represent not just actual people, they can also represent the energy of their suit.

   If a Queen appears in a reading, they want to help, nurture, and assist you.

The Jacks become the Knights in Tarot. The Knights are the “Mutable” signs. They are the “doers”. Knights deliver and are the harbinger of action in their particular Elemental suit. Like Queens, Knights represent not just actual people, they can also represent the energy of their suit.

   If a Knight appears in a reading, there is amplified energy in some area of your life and you can expect to see results.

In Tarot, there are the Pages too. Pages are messengers. They herald communication. They often are “young at heart”  and beginning to navigate the journey of their particular Elemental suit. Pages are eager for the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and talents. Like Knights, Pages represent not just actual people, they can also represent the energy of their suit.

   If a Page appears in a reading, you are the verge of a a new idea (Wands), a new emotion (Cups), a new way of thinking (Swords) or a new material reward or career         (Pentacles).

Today I own many books on Cartomancy but that little book will continue to always hold a special place in my heart.

“Yes”, I still have it. It is now 150 years old.

Thank goodness, I took good care of it. I just recently checked on Ebay and found out, its value today but of course…  I would never sell it.

And so my friends, I study Cartomancy which is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards. I don’t predict futures. I talk to Angels.

Please lean in a little closer and I will let you in on a big secret, your fortune is … you and your “Higher Self” create your own future.

That’s what I do……..I am a fortune teller !


About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer, Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and Producer for Psychic Talk Radio. She is also the creator of The Boho Pixie Tarot.


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Sharonah Rapseik is Host of Magic Universe with Sharonah, the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month, and a Producer for Psychic Talk Radio. She is a Certified Master Angel Practitioner™ and Life Coach, as well as a Certified Angel, Oracle and Tarot Card Reader™………

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