More than just a deck of cards

More than just a deck of cards:


The response has been overwhelming and I genuinely feel blessed!!! I have received all these cards and crystals in the mail so far, from fellow tarot enthusiasts who understand and sympathize with the struggle I have endured. This serves as encouragement and reassures me that I am on the correct path and that I should continue my studies with the end goal of returning the positive energy by helping people in any way that I can.

People I don't know and have never met found the kindness in their heart to gift me these beautiful crystals and cards and I will cherish every item. I am committed to paying it forward as I encounter situations where assistance is needed and it's possible for me to give a little something to someone in need, even if it's just an ear or a piece of wisdom I have gathered on this journey! I could never put into words how much this means to me and how grateful I am! This just shows me that the world isn't such a bad place and there are plenty who still have kind hearts and aren't selfish or judgemental, but willing to take their time and money and gift me something that means so much to me and maybe them. 

If you aren't in the metaphysical world, you may not quite understand the significance a deck of cards holds in the eyes of a reader. That's ok, we all can't enjoy the same passions.  Know that to us, it's more than a deck of cards. It's a sacred treasure, a work of art that carries secrets and reveals truths and gives understanding and comfort. It is something we have bonded with and put our energy into and grown with, and we have watched ourselves mature thru the understanding of the cards, seen the meanings change, grow, or evolve right along with us as we progress thru this journey. We recall the nervous stutters as we tried to pull meanings from memory; and see how far we have came as we use our intuition to weave accurate stories with depth and clarity now that we have become proficient. We remember the steps and the milestones along the way as we made the journey, learning not only about ourselves but others, and our gifts and theirs. We have favorite cards, or creatures on cards, or that one card that is a familiar representation of ourself or that one we never quite connected with that still leaves a hesitation in our breath. We learned to be more confident in ourselves as we developed these skills and we have pages and pages of notes logging trials, triumphs, correspondences, and connections.

It's more than just a deck of cards. It's our future and our past and a little piece of everyone we read along the way. It's a friend who knows our secrets, who is always there to greet us, whose companionship never goes away. Sometimes it grows and fades but it's always there when we need an answer or advice or just the familiar shuffle that tells us things will always be alright.

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Jennifer Walker

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