BOOK REVIEW - Enchanted Crystal Magic - Spells, Grids & Potions to Manifest your Dreams by Pamela Chen

Many of you know that I talk about the power of love and magic on my radio show “Magic Universe with Sharonah” and .... OMG I love this lovely little book. Within its pages you will discover how to enchant Tarot cards, crystal grids, and essential oils to improve your love life, manifest more money, and connect with your own true, magical, sparkly self.

Tarot deck creator and rockstar crystal expert, Pamela Chen, shows you how to open your heart to the uplifting energy of crystals and discover your unique personal magic. I recommend this enchanting book to both novices and experienced Tarot readers as well as crystal and essential oil lovers. Each chapter focuses on a specific purpose, such as getting in touch with your intuition and protecting yourself from negative energy. It includes a spell, ritual, meditation as well as a divinely channeled message.

This fun guidebook will uplift your crystal vibes and magical energy. It is brought to you by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd and I know that you are going to want to follow Paula Chen at .....Enjoy!

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