The Ace's in Tarot are New Beginnings. They are also the essence of the whole Suit they represent. Today the Ace of Cups is our "Central Focus" card. Cups represent the Water Element, and are about our Emotions, the Subconscious, Emotional Fulfillment, Relationships, Romance, Love and Health!

The DAY today reduces to the Two-Vibration (29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2). Relationships, Partnerships, Cooperation, Romance...

You may be at th beginning of a new romance or other type of relationship / partnership. You could also be re-kindling a current or even past one. The indictation today is to enjoy the experience, have fun, and don't get too serious, as the whole DATE today reduces to the Five-Vibration.

(7-29-2021 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5) Five is about Adventure, High-Energy and Change. This is a great day to explore together, go on an adventure, celebrate, take in a good movie together, a romantic dinner or other event(s)!

This is not a good day to take things too seriously, sign contracts, or commit to anything....

The Ace of Cups is "bookended" by two Pentacles (coins) Cards. "Bookending" in Tarot is when the two outer cards in a spead, (usually a horizontal line type spread) "frame" the Reading, and are of the same suit, number, or type of card....

In this case, Pentacles represent the Earth Element, and are about the Material Realm, groundedness, structure, wealth, business, and foundation. So if a relationship is not your Focus today, it could be your business and/or finances.

The 4-Energy is about Structure and Foundations. The Four of Pentacles is about establishing those foundations and security. Protecting one's assets and investing. Enriching one's Life....

And, of course, this security and strong foundation leads us to emotional stability (Ace of Cups) and even fulfillment! ...This is a good day to re-assess your finances and material security. 

Before the final reduction to "2" for the Energy of the DAY, we got "11"... The Master Illuminator Number. Master Number 11 is also the Number associated with the Pages in Tarot. The Page of Pentacles has an eagerness for knowledge and learning.

This Page has the same "groundedness" of the other Pentacles and is practical. Of course, The Page of Pentacles could represent a New Interest, or even just a message of Good News coming in...

...but considering the Energy of the Numerology today, and the other Cards present, this feels more like the "next Steps", after establishing those foundations & security, represented by the Four of Pents.

This is exploring / researching (and being honest about) what would be emotionally fulfilling to YOU! ....As well as getting any "education" you may need to realize this. Learning new skills, modalities, and abilities.....

(The Card Images are from The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck)

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax



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