Today, the entire Date reduces to the Eight-Vibration. (07142021 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8) ...Abundance & Prosperty! ...Eight can be seen as Double-Four Energy (4 + 4 = 8), Double-Structure. It's the fulfillment of the Plans & Foundations of the 4-Energy!

We're are almost at the end of a Cycle (the "9" vibration), and there are indeed two (2) Nine's in today's spread....

The DAY today brings in the Five-Vibration (14 = 1 + 4 = 5) of Adventure, Change, and High-Energy! ...Any "5" Day is a great day to explore, be adventurous, take advantage of the High-Energy, and get a lot accomplished.....

....But to avoid any "Big Decisions", signing contracts, making large purchases, an so forth. Wait for tomorrow, of even better yet, wait for the 1-Energy to be present, this Friday!

At first glance of today's Spread of The Day, we see there are three (3) Major Arcana cards and, as I just mentioned, two (2) Nine-Cards. Multiple "9's" in a spread can indicate endings, completing tomorrow, when the Nine-Vibration will be on the scene!

Start thinking about what you can "release" tomorrow. What can you "let go of" that no longer serves you? This is a good "heads-up"! You don't have to wait until tomorrow to give this some thought and even "get the ball rolling".....

Multiple Major Arcana cards can indicate major shifts in your Life. The Universe is in control here, making big things happen. Whether positive or negative, you may have to just go along with it!

...But we ALWAYS have "a say" in things. You CAN set Clear Intentions today! With all those Major Arcana cards present, whatever you put your energy into today will take off like a rocket!

So it's important to move forward with Focus and Intention! You don't want to be "unclear" here, or you could end up unhappy about the result(s)!

There are also two (2) Wands cards present. Wands represent the Fire Element, and is associated with the tetrahedron, from Metatron's Cube and Sacred Geometry...

Fire is viality, assertiveness and passion. It is creation, destruction and transformation. It can be a new beginning in the areas of what we are passionate about, career, or projects.

The "Central Focus Card" is Judgement. I call this "The Cosmic Wake-Up Call"! The Universe is alerting you to these shifts & changes. Like in Yesterday's SOTD, another Knight greets us! The Knight of Wands!

Again brining our Focus on our Passions and Taking Action! .....Once again the Master Builder Number 22 is present. You will have a lot of Energy (with the Five-Vibration of today) to work on Plans & Foundations for future Abundance & Prosperity!

As in yesterday's Spread, the Knight is on the far-left, and moving "away" from the other cards. In particular, the Nine of Wands. In fact, the Nine of Wands is looking at the Knight and watching this happen!

The Knight is acknowledging past grief and moving "away" from past loss, defeats, and failures. And, together with the Nine of Wands, they suggest confidence, resolve, commitment and determination.

There is also a strong indication of eventual Success & Victory, which is reinforced by the presence of The Chariot card!

Lastly, The Moon card warns of self-deception and to resist succumbing to Fear! ....It counsels you to pay attention to your Intuition and Dreams!

(The Card Images are from The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck)

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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