Hey friends! ....It came to me today do something a little different! I've been telling you all to "Embrace The Change", in this World Year of Five, so I'm joining in on the party! Instead of a Card of The Day, I am doing a Spread of The Day! 😄😎

Numerologically, of course, we have the Two-Vibration, as it is the 2nd of July. The entire Date reduces to the Five-Vibration...

So there you go! Five, the Number of Change and High-Energy, Adventurous Spirit! ....No wonder this came to me today! And we have the 2-Energy of Relationships, Cooperation, Partnerships, Mediation, Teamwork, Romance....

You have been Nuturing something for some time now. (See the Spread image at the bottom:) It may have been a relationship, or partnership, or even a project.  ....However, it has come to an end. 😔 There's going to be some grieving on this, of course.

But as one door closes, another opens! A new day is dawning! ☀️🌈 It's time to accept and put this to bed. New Ventures, opportunities, await!

The best way to deal with "the loss" is to "fill the void" with something new! A new relationship, business opportunity, partnership, or project. Re-Focus on your Goals! 

Spend time with family and friends today. Speak with a confidant, and get a fresh perspective! .....and take advantage of the High-Energy & Adventurous Spirit, and try something new! 

Have patience, courage, and engage your creativity! ....This process may take three to four weeks, but how quickly this shift happens is entirely up to you... It could also take as little as three to four days!

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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