UGH! ..........Monday again! 😉 💜 ...Back to work? ....or, perhaps, as the Five of Cups is suggesting, something didn't quite go your way and you are disappointed, or perhaps even disillusioned....

Remember the lesson from yesterday's Daily Reading; we are in control of our "State"! ....Choose to Be Happy! ....The DATE today brings in the Seven-Vibration, so it may be time to do some inner-work.

The Two-Vibration, from the DAY today (20 = 2 + 0 = 2) is about Balance, Co-operation, handling difficult situations with poise and grace, being thoughful towards others...

It represents Duality. As we discussed in last Thursday's Daily Reading, nothing negative arises without the positive. What lesson can be learned here? Look also for the hidden opportunities!

The Strength card says it takes Strength and Courage to move forward, especially in a time when things aren't working out the way you planned, and continue to progress and grow!

Meditate on the Strength card. Click HERE for the image... Look deeply into the card image. What does strength and courage mean to you? 

Now create an affirmation for yourself! I am a badass, courageous woman, and I am ready to grow and express myself! ....Feel free to create your own, in your own words!

I am ready to ________ I welcome ________ I am open to receive ________ I am a ________ I am open to ________ 

The Knight of Pentacles comes in to remind you to now make practical, methodical progress. He always takes the sensible path, and is industrious and dependable. 

(The Card Images are from the Radiant Tarot Deck)

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax  💜 😎 ☕



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